Ordered card - But moved House!

I just got accepted and added my details for ID verification.

The card is now being delivered to my ID address. But I have moved. (Set up postal redirection too late!)

To save me returning to my old address…

Is there any way I can have my Monzo card delivered to my new address?

Please help/Advise.

Mr Unorganized!

I’m sure the team will be able to help but it’s probably best to message the support team about this via the in-app chat, as the community can’t help you get this resolved unfortunately.

Edit - text struck out following Rather’s comment below.

You won’t have access to in-app chat if you haven’t received a card yet, so alternatively you can email them at help@monzo.com or DM them on Twitter :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for your help.

I have emailed the HELP address now.

Much appreciated!

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