Change delivery address of first card

Hi, please advise on how I could change the delivery address for my first card, as it has not yet arrived after some time, and I change address soon, thanks.

Hello! You can’t. That’s part of how Monzo verify your address. You need to receive the card at the address you signed up with, and activate it, before they’ll allow you to change address

Thank you, I am concerned that I did not specify a clear enough address when first signing up, and they are struggling to find me - either that or the card may still be in the mail, it’s been around 10 days or so since I first registered.

As long as you got the house number/name and postcode correct, that’s fine.

If it’s been 10 days, does the app let you reorder?

It’s worth going on chat to re-order. I did that when my card didn’t show up. They asked me to reconfirm my delivery address - so that would help if you weren’t clear enough the first time.

Mine was posted first class and arrived the next day.

So turns out my cards were already delivered and upstairs with my neighbour, so all good! Thank you for the help.