Card sent to wrong address

My card was sent to my billing address not the delivery address specified

Sadly there’s nothing we can do about that here on the community forum. Try messaging support in app or emailing :slight_smile:


Have you raised it via inapp chat? Was it a replacement or first card?


There’s only one address field in the app is there not? Where have you entered a billing address?


If this is a new account then the first card will always be sent to your registered address i.e. the address on your ID.


Ok but the app offered a separate delivery address

Brand new account. But the app offered the option to have the card delivered to a different address

They’ve changed the sign up flow in the last couple of updates so you might be seeing something new we didn’t get

Start a chat in app or email and they should be able to help

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Hi Daniel! :grinning:

I’ve just looked into this and I can see we just have the one address on record for you, and that’s where the card was sent.

If you need one sent elsewhere please let us know via the in-app chat and we’ll sort it! :grinning:


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