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Good afternoon,

I have recently submitted to the monzo and requested card. However, my address has changed today and would like to update my home address. I cannot get in to the app and change my address. Could you please help me to get my card to correct location please?

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You can’t change your address that your first card is being sent to, until it has been delivered.

Your best thing is to ask the new occupants to forward the card on to your new address unopened if they can.

Then when you’ve activated the card, you can change your address in the app.

Is there a change to cancel current card application and I will submit again with updated address please?

Also, is there a chance delivery person to call me to handover the bank card to me please?

Zero chance that it will not be delivered to a fixed address.

Yea, none of that’s an option. Monzo use it as proof of your address and to confirm your details etc.

To intercept or cancel and request it to somewhere new is all just a little suspect from a bank’s perspective.

Why did you apply for a new account if you knew you were moving?

It’s just Royal Mail, so this isn’t possible.

Have you moved house since you applied? It normally only takes a few days do the card to arrive.

I have been informed suddenly. Anyway, it is what it is.
Thank you, Michael.

It is in the university. We will take our luggages only and will change the location. And i have to move to new location in 2 days. But, let’s see what will happen.

You can get royal mail to redirect mail from your old address to your new one for a fee…

Ask the new tennants to let you know when your card arrives. They can’t do anything with it until you activate it on your phone.

As mentioned above it only takes a couple of days to be delivered and will be a lot easier than all your other suggestions.

Once you’ve activated your card, you can then update your address in app yourself.

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