Order cancalled and money stuck

Ordered a fan this morning from argos for delivery today. There was a problem with the order so called argos up and they cancalled the order and said I should get my money bk Straight away
On the transact it’s say 19.94 pending…
There is a reversal button but says can take 8 days…
I can’t wait that long as that’s the last bit of money I got and need to go to a store and buy a fan…
What should I do?

Refunds normally take some time. Five working days or more.

If you need the money quicker, you’ll need to speak to Monzo.

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I did message them, no reply as of yet…

A lot of people have been complaining about the wait tines. And there’s no guarantee you’ll get the money quicker when you do get through.

Out of interest, why do you need a fan so urgently? I live in London and have managed to live through various heatwaves without one. I’m just asking, not judging.

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As I am on a lot of stimulants and fat burning stuff, me body is always extra hot and sweat more than most people

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Ah right. Feet in a bucket of cold water is always a good idea for keeping cool during the day. Doesn’t help at night tho.

I just need a fan so I can got to sleep now… Have not slept all night due to heat… Online order has gone wrong and they have cancalled order… Last bit of money I got till Tuesdays which is stuck

When this has happened to me, I’ve pinged a screenshot of the cancellation email to Support, and they’ve released the payment back instantly


I got no email confirmation or txt or order number… This is why I called them and they said there has been a system error and I will have to wait till tue for the fan to be delivered as they have to put in manually… I just said cancel it and I will pick It up in store… They said they will refund the money straight away…and money has gone out from my account but is still pending

Without an email it’s going to be hard for the transaction to be reversed afaik

Argos probably just won’t take the money rather than actually reversing the transaction. An actual refund can take several days

Don’t you get a free £20 buffer with Monzo? Or was that old Monzo?

Beffer, what buffer… That new to me… Never heard of it

Only if you have an overdraft already


Sorted the chat guy put the money back


Basically this is yet another thread that didn’t need to ever happen if customer services were actually staffed correctly and could answer queries

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They are short staffed

They’ve been short staffed a lot, on a lot of different occasions. Not your fault @Maximus84, of course, you are one of many people who can’t get an answer from customer services and feel forced to come here.

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Just to add, can you see the money due on Tuesday?
If so, you may be able to get it earlier if you tap on the transaction from the feed.

Isn’t that just for your salary being paid by bacs?

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I think it’s for any bacs Payment. I get paid from universal credit as I am ill. I think I should be able to get that a day early as well

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