Help with the payment

Hi, I’ve ordered an item from Argos, the payment on monzo went through but on my Argos account seems like my order didn’t go through neither I received any mail from Argos regarding my order?

I would contact Argos in the first instance and see if they can see the order in their system.

You probably should contact Argos customer service

You could also contact Monzo through the chat.

You need to contact Argos first.

Lots of companies are struggling with high demand so payment receipt, order confirmation emails and such are getting delayed.

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you could also check your junk mail :slight_smile:

ok I’ll try to contact them first, thanks!

that was the first thing I’ve done :wink:

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Is the payment still shown as ‘pending’ on Monzo? If it is Agros hasn’t collected the money and your order may not be confirmed.

yes it is still pending, so should I wait or can I try to order it again? I don’t want to end up with two items.

Definitely do not order again.

Speak to Argos, make sure they have your order and I’m sure they’re just being slow at processing it.

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ok thanks I’m trying to contact Argos, but I’m on the phone waiting since 40 min.
thanks to everyone!