Hi I just placed on order earlier with Argos for £32.99 however they took the money from my account but no confirmation came through. When will I receive the money back?

You’d be best contacting Argos. If they never actually authorised/collected the amount you’ll get it back in your account in 7 days.

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The money came out of my account but I never got a confirmation email for the item this had happened to me twice now

did you receive the ordered item the first time ?

Does your purchase show up in your orders in your account?

You should really just contact ARgos customer service. They should be able to tell if they got the payment from your account and if not, the money should return in a week.

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No it didn’t

I had to use my partners card to pay for the item and it worked straight away

Argos have a live chat here

Their phone number is 0845 640 2020

Hopefully you get your issue resolved!

I’m not sure not receiving a confirmation email from Argos is a Monzo issue? And why would they even know to refund you because you didn’t get the email?

It’s fine the money had just gone back in my account

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I think I need a lie down now :sweat_smile::wink:


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