Argos order error but payment is pending

I attempted to purchase something from Argos today for £503.95 and the payment was taken but there was an issue on the Argos website meaning my order didn’t go through. I’ve then contacted Argos via live chat and they confirmed the payment is pending and hasn’t left my account and confirmed the order wasn’t placed. I then took screenshots of the chat and contacted Monzo. They said it typically takes 3-5 days for the money to drop off as pending and the funds would go back in my account balance. I advised I’m in need of this money back ASAP and they told me to raise a dispute. I sent the screenshots over of the chat confirming no payment is to be taken from Argos and that the order didn’t go through. They said it takes up to 7 days to resolve this dispute. I feel physically sick because I can’t go 3-5 days or longer for my money to be reversed. Has anybody had any issues like this before and if so can I please have advice or suggestions of how to get this money back quicker? I’m stressed and really annoyed of this to be honest😤

By any chance is this on the day the website was grinding to a halt because of the Xbox release?

You can try and get Argos to release the funds. They don’t match up orders properly.

But if you’re in need of the money, why spend £500+ at Argos? :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m in need of my money back to replace an order which didn’t go through correctly. Argos said the money isn’t going to be released to them as it’s pending and will be reversed in 3-5 days. My question was if there’s anything I can do to speed this up as I need the money back to purchase it again.

If you’re in dire need of having the money back ASAP, why was it OK to spend it in the first place?

Is the ‘dire need’ simply that you want to order the same thing you ordered from Argos but from somewhere else instead?

If so, what harm does waiting for the funds to reverse do?

All this I say in the aim of simply trying to bring some perspective.

(ETA: I wrote and posted this before I saw your most recent post prior to this one)

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Get Argos to attach the funds properly. Problem solved.

The funds are to purchase this item again but I cannot until I’m refunded. This item is a present which is why it’s urgent

How do I get them to attach this? I’ve spoken to them and they cannot help apparently.

You’ve been given your answer above.

When Monzo get the money it will hit your account straight away. You can ask them to advance it to you but I believe they only do this in extreme situations. I don’t think wanting to place the same order again (regardless of the fact it’s a gift) meets that criteria unfortunately.

You could also try getting Argos to hurry up and reverse the transaction.

I’ve spoken to Argos and they’ve advised the money hasn’t been released to them so it’s pending on my account. I asked if there was anything I could do to speed this up but that’s fine I’ll be waiting for this. Thanks for your help.

The way I believe it works is that the money is still allocated for Argos. So you need to prove that Argos don’t want it or wait for it to automatically be reversed.

I’ve got screenshots from chat where they’ve looked for my order and could see that it didn’t go through and that the money won’t be collected. I’ve sent this over via chat but I still needed to raise a dispute. They’ve advised me 7 days but the money will drop off after 5

Perfect. It should be an open shut case then so there will be no issue meeting that timeframe :slight_smile:

Other than asking Monzo to advance it to you, I can’t think of anything else .

The main thing is I’ve got evidence so it should be quick I was just shocked when they said it could be 7 days to be able to reverse this via disputing it but Argos said it’ll be 3-5 for the money to be put back in my account. I was just wondering if there’s anything else I could do to get my money back. But thanks for your thoughts

If Monzo give it back to you today, then you speak to Argos and they handle the transaction properly, Monzo will be at a loss.

You’ll just have to be patient I’m afraid.

Keep in mind that it’s not just Monzo and Argos. Usually the intermediary payment processor adds to this overhead and Argos may well be at the mercy of their timescales/processes too.

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I realise this now. Argos confirmed that the pre authorisation will be removed after 24 hours of the order not going through so this should be released back in my bank in 24/48 hours hopefully!


I had similar situation months ago.
Money was back after 24 hours.
Was not Monzo but Lloyd’s
System wouldn’t be different

Ahh great. I hope this is the case. It’s just a lot of money and I don’t have another £500 odd to spend until I get it back. Stupid Argos site glitched when the payment was made

It glitched 3 times for me.
I am not using the site for significant amounts anymore. Or I use a credit card where I don’t feel the punch immediately