Option to Hide/Exclude Transactions

I would love to have the option to hide or exclude certain transactions from the display.

I don’t want the account balance to change, or for the transactions to be excluded from export or bank statements, simply the option to hide/remove/exclude/clear from the Home display.

Thank you.

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If you have a search it’s been mentioned a few times and it isn’t something that will be done. Your feed needs to be an accurate history of your spending and removing things will only complicate that.

I did read a few a posts on this topic, but as I say I don’t want the balance to be affected or for the transaction to actually be removed. Just a display request.

It’s far better to add weight to the posts you find, rather than starting another thread.

All you can do is vote, but its unlikely to ever happen.

Thank you, I felt my request was slightly different because I’m just concerned with the display, not with deleting or removing the transaction from the database - that would be problematic.

It’s the same thing really because it won’t add up.

If you add £1000 and then spend £500 at Ladbrokes but delete that transaction, your balance will show £500 and no explanation as to where that £500 has gone, unless you dig into your statements.

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As I said, I don’t want the balance to change.

At the moment, in the display, there is no balance displayed after each transaction. Only a balance at the top of the screen. I don’t want that to be affected.

I simply want the option to hide transactions from the display.

It would still be there in the downloads/statements.

Just the option to hide it from the home display.

The balance wouldn’t be affected but it wouldn’t add up correctly. In my above example the balance would correctly show £500 but not why it’s £500 and not £1000.

All of this is moot anyway as it’s never going to happen.

With respect, I don’t think you understand what I’m requesting

Hi @BillyPigeon & welcome :wave:

Similar to ‘Demo mode’?:

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I do, you don’t understand why it’s a problem, despite me posting an explanation from a Monzo employee or me trying a few times.

You cannot delete transactions from the feed and won’t ever be able to.

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I don’t want to delete the transactions from the feed, I want to hide them.

Hey, that seems like an interesting idea, I would like to see something like that, it would be useful

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I played around with Revolut for a few months before settling on Monzo. I’m pretty sure that back then (early to mid 2018 I think) Revolut offered a similar feature where you could hide certain transactions from the feed (but not the statement). I’m also pretty sure that the feature was withdrawn.

I can’t remember how it worked if you then wanted to see those transactions in the feed again.

As to the question of why you would want to do this, I can only speculate.

Edit: I agree that it’s not a good idea for all the reasons already given.

Edit 2 - original text edited to make it clear that Revolut, not Monzo, used to offer that feature!

Interesting. I don’t remember that feature when I joined Monzo back in August 2017.

Back then the main feature that interested me was that Monzo gave the MasterCard exchange rate (unique at the time), which allowed me to live in Europe and not incur bank fees when I wanted to spend money. Fantastic!

I’ve never used Monzo as my main account, and it was just a credit card rather than a bank account in the beginning. As it doesn’t give interest I just transfer small sums from my main account, which does give interest. (I know there are now pots and different features, but this is just a habit that’s remained.)

Just to be clear, in my mind there’s a distinction between deleting and hiding.

I certainly don’t want to delete any transactions, I don’t want to mess anything up - it’s a simple request to have the option to hide transactions from the Home display, if I want to.

If you don’t want to hide any transactions, that’s fine, you don’t have to.

But having the option to do so would make my experience better, that’s all.

I do feel my request is different from previous similar requests, hence why I started a new topic.

That’s a different Monzo to the one I remember.

This is a little off topic, but if you check your old emails, I have one from November 2017 from Monzo which talks about upgrading your account to have new features like a sort code, account number, direct debits and standing orders. Essentially make it a bank account.

If you don’t believe me I can forward you the email if you want?

It was a prepaid card and never a Credit Card is the point being made I think.

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Ok sorry, my bad, yes it was prepaid but I used it like a credit card, so that’s how I remembered it.

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I’ve just edited my original post, for clarity. I meant that Revolut used to offer that feature, if memory serves me correctly. Original text of my post was ambiguous though, sorry.