Hide Transactions in Monzo app

I think it would be a good idea if monzo user’s could hide transactions on the app that they dont wanna see

anyone else agree


Why would you not want to see a transaction you yourself actioned?

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Maybe guilty pleasures?

Though I think exclude from summary is good enough for this.

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Hmmmm still pretty strange.

Interested in your reasons behind this, I know for me when I’ve wanted to hide transactions it’s been more that I didn’t want 2+ entries for the same transaction. e.g. Hide Coin Jar transactions, Group refunds with the original tx, and all that jazz!

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Maybe he doesnt want certain transactions to be visible if/when he shows the app to others.

I sometimes show the app to others and when I do this i’d rather my salary was not on show in my transactions feed. This is the reason I don’t have my salary paid into Monzo.

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the reason y is i wanna forget about past transactions and start a fresh with out being reminded of past transactions i dreed to see

I actually agree with this!

I’m constantly moving money from Monzo to Natwest (just savings, I’m not switching soon :wink: ) but Monzo counts it as a transaction. Even if I exclude it from the summary it counts as “spent that day” and my other apps such as Emma count it as “money spent” when in fact I haven’t spent anything and I’ve simply transferred some money.

Would be really nice if I can delete transactions!!

I suspect that deleting transactions from your banks records may be a step too far!


we not talkimg about deleting transactions we are talking about just hiding them like you can with revolut

To be honest if you want to bury your head in the sand then one of the high street bank’s apps are perfect for that.

Monzo is more about giving users visibility of their finances so that you can keep them under control. You might find that longer term, it’s better to keep an eye on what you’re spending.

On a more practical note, I worry that users would get confused by hidden transactions if they forget that they’re hidden.


listen yh there reasons i think monzo should do that ok

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What’s the Revolut functionality like?

its ok only problem is it has no banking license yet and the in app support is really poor

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What do they offer in terms of hiding transactions? How does that work?

well all your do is slide ur finger over the transaction and it says delete but its still on ur statement so technically its not deleted as it says these will stil show in your statement

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No one’s saying it’s a bad idea. I think we’re just trying to work out what the user case for it is.

Let us know what your thinking behind it is, there might be reallly valid reasons for having it that we’re not aware of!


well like for people who use to have a gambling addiction or for people who have mental health qnd some transactions they dont wanna be reminded of what that spent money on

Why would anyone want a banking app that lies to them?

I get that people feel different emotions about different transactions, but I feel people should deal with the root causes of these emotions: Either don’t make the purchase, or deal (in whatever way you can) that you have.

Out of sight out of mind is unhealthy behaviour where finances are concerned.

My perspective on this is formed from my own mental health which manifests in my finances.


Gavin, I think you’re taking this a bit personally - the nature of these forums is that we can share ideas, but similarly people can argue against the ideas as well. Reading through this post, no one has been unnecessarily harsh or rubbishing your idea for the sake of it.

Actually, I think valid points have been made that it’s probably not a good idea for a bank to allow you to purposely hide transactions that you’re ashamed of - this can just spiral and lead to users getting into serious financial difficulty. Monzo have been very active in making features that protect those with addictions or mental health issues, so it’s difficult to see them creating something that actively makes the issue worse.

Although I would never condone this, if it’s that important to you I suggest creating a separate bank account that you can use for all the things you want to hide, and then just don’t download the app/read statements etc. But like @j06 said, it’s probably best to get at the root cause of the problem than hide it away.