Expanding and hiding transactions

I know it’s been suggested a hundred times but has Monzo ever considered the feature where you could expand and hide transactions made on a specific date(s)? I’m not saying delete or remove them (we’re obviously going to want to keep them for future reference). I’m simply suggesting hiding them so we aren’t scrolling through an endless list of transactions until we find the one we need/want and then expanding it (kind of like a tab affect) when we do need to find it?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just search for it?

:wave: Hello & welcome btw!

Honestly I’m not fond of the list view. I like everything else about Monzo but that. Tabs separating months ect was the only thing I liked about my previous bank and think Monzo could also benefit from that. It wouldn’t take away from the simplicity of the app.

Search can isolate to a specific month. Could you try and illustrate what you mean? I’m a little confused.

Hope I’m posting this in the right place :slightly_smiling_face:

I was also looking to see if there is a way of hiding some of the transaction history so for example, when you scroll through, only the previous months transactions show, with the rest compressed, maybe month by month.
Possibly something along the line of how Outlook email is compressed, just showing a date range until you expand it.

Apologies for sounding a bit thick, but it is just something that would be of use to me.