Demo Mode

(Stuart) #1

It would be great if I could turn on a Demo Mode from within the app so I could show it off to friends without displaying my finances. I’d even settle for an up to date YouTube video that shows off all the features of monzo.


Monzo Demo Mode for showing off to potential new customers?
Demo Mode - Demonstrate the power of Monzo while keeping your finances private
(Jorge) #2

Worried that your friends find out you’re rich? lol

We’ll see what the :monzo: peeps say! :smiley:


(Simon Rose) #3


I’m getting a lot of interest from colleagues about Monzo and often would find it easier to demo functionality with my app rather than try and describe it. Obviously, I wouldn’t want them to see my real transactions or at least not the value to my balance & transactions. I’ve used a Fintech app before where there was a scramble/demo mode that would turn all your transactions into a different currency then multiply them by a random value. In that way, you could show off the app without fear of leaking personal data.

May I propose this as a future development for Monzo to help with promoting the service to new customers?

(unless there is a demo site I don’t know about?)


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #4

I have requested this before on here as have many others, I think I first said this in 2016.

Very much doubt this will not happen based on the fact it’s been like 3 years so I never promote Monzo because of it.


((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #5

Someone in another topic mentioned that another bank have this (possibly starling) where you wave your hand over the screen and it blurs transaction amounts. Sounded quite cool.




Emma has a scramble mode, which is very nice. I’ve used it a couple of times to show it to friends.


(Mark O'Sullivan) #7

It would be fantastic if I could enable a “demo mode” as such whenever I’m talking about Monzo to friends / family / strangers, so I don’t have to show them my current financial activity or how much money I have in my pots.

I’d happily encourage people to adopt Monzo more often if I could enable demo mode and show fake data which would highlight all of the best features of Monzo.


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #8

I (like others) have been asking for this since 2016.

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(Adam) #9

I agree. EMMA’s scramble mode is fantastic for showing friends and family the product if they sound interested.

Have Monzo ever provided a response to why this is not attracting much traction?

Surely at this stage of the product pipeline, any quick wins for increasing revenue, cheap brand advertisement etc are being explored? I can’t imagine development costs for this are particularly high?