Option to create more than one pot per account!

Would be great if we were able to create multiple pots per account to separate savings!

Hi Briony & welcome :wave:

You can create multiple pots per account - up to 20 I believe.

I may be misinterpreting the comment though…

How do you do that? I’ve searched the whole app and can’t see any way of creating a new pot because I already have an existing one on my account?

If you’re unable to find the right place in the app, try going to this webpage (using your phone) and clicking the ‘Create a pot’ button there:


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Tap on ‘Home’, swipe across to ‘Things you can do with Monzo’, tap on ‘Create a Pot’:


Omg I’m an idiot :joy: I just didn’t swipe right enough. Found it now, thank you for your help!!