Owning multiple Monzo accounts

(Kwame) #1

I’d like to know whether it is possible for a customer to have two or more current accounts. It seems like it isn’t currently possible, as each app is linked to a single account - but are there any plans to enable a customer to have multiple accounts, linked to and visible from their app? (Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on the the forum).

(Nathan) #2

Hi Kwame, I have seen this a few times in the forum and from my understanding there isn’t going to be an offering of multiple accounts.

Any particular reason as to what you are trying to achieve maybe I can help with a work around?

(Kwame) #3

My primary use of multiple accounts is to segregate funds for different purposes, whether savings, general spending or direct debits. Currently, with all of my funds sitting in one Monzo account, it’s a bit difficult to tracks these different “streams”. I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion around Pots, but upon giving them a test drive, they don’t seem to offer a solution to this situation.

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Maybe a product like ynab will help you, in short or medium term at least

(Nathan) #5

Right, I get you, I haven’t tried ynab, bust as @misterm suggested maybe it’s worth giving them a google

(Kwame) #6

I’ve had a look at the product (hadn’t heard of it before either), but I think what I’d prefer is that my bank offers this capability without me needing to source it from another company. Any idea whether this functionality might be on the Monzo roadmap? :slightly_frowning_face:

(Ian Bennett) #7

I’d be interested in this feature, I’m using Monzo as my persoal account and love the features. So much so that i’d like to start using it for my wife and my joint account, this account is used for paying all the bills, shopping and other joint expenditure and managing this would be much simpler with Monzo

(Change Works) #8

Is there some reason she can’t open her own account?

(Ben) #9

I’d also suggest YNAB, or another similar “envelope” / “zero based budget” solution.

I get that some would prefer a bank offers it - but honestly the flexibility of this third party offering so customisable; you can use it across multiple accounts (so all your finances are budgeted, not just your current account), can help you reduce debt loading, and the categorisation of spending is more focused and detailed than monzo is. (So allows you to be more precise in budgeting).

Has helped me keep track of all my financial outgoings regardless of their source.

(Robin) #10

You will be able to have both a personal account and a joint account.

(Ian Bennett) #13

Could you explain how I might do this?

(Ian Bennett) #14

“My mife and my joint account” - sorry the english may not have been that clear! She has her own personal account and may or may not want to use Monzo for it,.


She will need a Monzo account for you to both open a joint account (both people need individual Monzo accounts). They are in Beta testing at the moment but will be released to all customers really soon :grin:

(Ian Bennett) #16

Okay - so it will work differently to the traditonal ‘joint account’ which is just a normal bank account with two signaturies? Loking forward to seeing what they come up with, really impressed so far! Only got it to take abroad and I’m now thinking of transfering everything to it :joy:


The end result is the same as traditional joint account but the sign up process is you select create joint account and choose one of your contacts. Your wife confirms when she sees the request and hey presto. Your joint account is accessed through the individual account app.

(Jose Lopes) #18

I would like to have more than one account basically so i can create a bank and associate it with my company / sevice provider.

(Jack) #19

Hi Josh could you elaborate on this please? Wouldn’t pots meet your requirements?

(Kevyn) #20

No. Pots cannot be used like a bank account. That is why I don’t use pots and still use my legacy account for my salary and bills and Monzo for spending.

Now joint accounts are a thing, let us have multiple accounts!

(Jack) #21

There are plans to allow bills to be paid from pots in the future :clap:t3: The issue with multiple accounts (that I can see) is that summary losses it’s functionality as it can’t see your correct expenditure/bills.

If you let summery do it’s magic you shouldn’t need to rely on other accounts to split funds for payments.

One of the main benifits of Monzo is the insight to all of your finances automatically.

(Simon D) #22

I’ll admit that I currently have no plans to move my main spending over to Monzo as I’d need to change the way I manage my money. Currently each payday I transfer £x across to a separate bills account to cover the bills and then I know how much I have left and can’t even accidentally spend it. Even if allowing bills to be paid from pots comes in later I don’t see it being as easy to manage as just giving a company a different account number for DD or card details.