✅ Multiple savings pots

I have a number of saving accounts at my normal bank, for car expenses , Christmas etc, but can only have one savings pot (earning interest) at Monzo - I don’t understand why

I have 3 interest pots

What does it say when you try to open another?

I believe you can have more than one, have tried adding more than one saving pot

Are you sure you’re not trying to open multiple ISAs?


I have 20 pots, so it certainly is possible.

As previous poster suggests, are you selecting a second ISA in error??

Wow, 20 savings pots! Great, that answered my question, I can have multiple savings pots :raised_hands: happy days! Is there a maximum number, not that I’d probably need more than you :joy:

I believe you can have a maximum of 20 pots (interest-giving or not) in total.

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Yes, 20 is the maximum, regardless of combination :+1:

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Thank you both @hdwrng and @PaulUK :+1: