Closing Savings Pots


So I have a few savings pots with Monzo earning different interest… however I need to move some pots around to make my money work better… my question is as follows:

If I withdraw money from a Savings Pot with Investec - the account will be closed… but then Create a new pot, will I have the options to create the same Investec account again (if it’s still available)…

I guess what I am asking is, is there a limit to the amount of Interest Earning Pots I can make?


There is no limit on the amount of savings pots you can make, the limit is the total amount of money spread across them. Or the overall pot limit which I think is 20?

I closed my Investec pot yesterday. There isn’t an option to open a new one with the same provider but why would you? Investec pots only made 1% and the Shawbrook ones are higher :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I was just using Investec as an example :slight_smile:

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The only downside I found was that you lose your pot history. Not a big deal but I was told that they can provide you with a statement if you need one.

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