Show us your pots 😎

Okay I don’t actually want to see your pots (seen one seen’em all until you can upload photos) but I am curious how many you have.

Monzo believe users are only creating 2-3 but I have already hit the limit (10) and would like to create more.

So, how many have you guys created, or expect to create?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12
  • 13+

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I currently have 8. Two of which I know will be short term.

Can you add a 0 option?

I haven’t had any need of one yet.


I’ve set up 3! One is my general savings pot and the other two are for more specific things.

Love Pots :honey_pot: :heart:

Sorry I don’t think I can amend the poll now. Should have put zero in though as it’s valid. :man_facepalming:t2:

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What’s the reason for using Pots for general saving, when the value of your savings will only decrease, in real terms, over time?

Genuine question. Until the Marketplace is established bringing the promised ability to place these Pots in other savings/investment institutions, I just can’t see the point.


Honestly, I won’t be saving for long enough or saving enough money for it to really make a difference. I’ve always been terrible at saving, so for now I’m only setting savings aside to cover a 3 month ‘emergency fund’.

Once I’ve got that set aside I’ll likely put any excess into Funding Circle or something similar :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, that could change when we introduce new uses for Pots!


So looking at the results so far I may be an exception to the rule. I’m in second place but the majority does seem to be 1-2. For those in the 1-2 camp what’s your use cases? Curious if you have considered pots and only need that many. Or set up a couple to try them out but not really thought about them. Etc.

I have 8 pots - mostly so I can see how close I am to each goal (which at the moment I write in the title i.e. Car Insurance - £264 (£35pm)). I also have a holiday pot, rainy day (emergency fund) etc. On payday I put everything into my everyday pot and then send myself an amount per week to aid the budgeting :+1: It’s working really well for me so far. At the end of each week anything I have spare I move across to my holiday pot and start the whole process again. I think I can live with 10 being the pot limit as a few if my pots could be combined, for example I could just have a car pot instead of car insurance, car tax.


Yeah I have done the same with merging some pots. But would be good to look back over history of pots if history was available. I’m also sweeping unused pots balances into an emergency fund which is working really well. So 50% of my pots essentially reset to £0 then get topped back up on payday. While the other 50% are for more long term items. Again more ringfencing money for something that trying to build savings.

Monzo advised to create one to get rid of the notification then delete it - wonder if they count these.

Otherwise zero
Savings = in an interest paying accounts
Payments = in a second legacy current account (which does it better).

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Yeah I forgot about that. Could skew the Monzo stats to the lower end.

So I’ve got 4 pots

  • House (savings for us moving in 2 years)
  • Holidays (obvious one)
  • Rainy Day (usually used to give money to childminder when she takes little one out and needs entrance fees etc.)
  • Christmas and Birthdays (Obvious)

They all get little bits dropped into them each month to try and build them up. The house pot has the most

I have 4:

  • Savings (For general savings)

  • Car Insurance (speaks for itself)

  • January (changes month on month, basically spending money).

  • Moving out (Speaks for itself, money for deposits.etc)

I’ve got 4

  • iPhone upgrade - I pay outright every year as the money I put aside each month over 12 months plus the money Apple pay for recycling the old phone is less than mobile networks charge even spread over 2 years instead of 1
  • Groceries - I have a fixed weekly budget, but this is more than I usually spend so there’s a surplus in there I know i can dip into if I need to
  • Money set aside for a specific short holiday which annoyingly is a few days before payday so I knew cash would be tight
  • A travel costs one

I have a few :flushed:

  • Piggy Bank - Where all my money ends up so I don’t spend it all, whatever is left at the end of the month I move to another Pot
  • Bills - When I get paid I move bills money to this pot then back just before DD come out…
  • Vault - Where I store my core savings (that are not in my ISA with old bank)
  • Holiday - Currently empty…
  • iPhone X2 - Saving for the next iPhone X
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I have:

  • :fuelpump:Fuel (this will become redundant soon, my previous job required lots of fuel, my new job will have none, or close to nothing :woman_shrugging:)
  • :currency_exchange: Spend This (the money I earn that I can spend on me)
  • :moneybag:One penny Savings (click me for info)
  • :red_car: Service (yearly service …)
  • :coffee:Coffee / Hot Chocolate Machine (my friend gave me some money for when I move out in however many years… I like hot chocolate)
  • :cat2: Jeremy (he is currently on an overnight stay at a vets, this could get expensive …)
  • :pound:
  • :credit_card: (Last two are money and credit card pots that I have money in for now, but haven’t used in case I need for Jeremy. First is two weeks wages and second is to clear a credit card, but I’m not gonna pay it off until the cat is sorted)

I currently have 4:

  • Weekly allowances
  • Savings
  • Joint savings
  • My partner’s savings (while she waits for her monzo card)

But I have had a total of 7 pots at any one time (extra 3 on top of the above until I no longer required them as they are pots of ringfenced money for the different places I went to on my recent holiday).

Such a handy feature, can’t wait for the rules for pots!

I have a few pots, trying to think of more to add! :joy:

  • House Deposit Savings
  • Holiday Pot
  • Rainy Day Fund
  • New Phone Savings

I do want to add an alcohol pot, but I’d add too much to it :sweat_smile:

I don’t have a generals Savings Pot/account at the moment, everything is going into the house deposit.

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I was trying to be more granular but have now grouped similar things together (my sons football, rugby, guitar is now under ‘activities’). But I don’t like it :joy: