Monzo plus - Subscribing without the new card?

Probably a long shot, but the new card is the main thing putting me off Monzo plus. I like my Coral one, but mainly I hate the idea of a new plastic card being resent when I subscribe and when I cancel. I’m not sure if it changes the card number (Assuming it does) which is another negative to this.

I literally don’t care about having a flashy/fancy looking card so having to sort a new one is nothing but an inconvenience to me.

I would probably sub right now if I had the option of doing it without a new card being processed, but I’m guessing this isn’t an option? Can’t find anything on the app about it.

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You are asked if you want a new card or not when you sign up. It’s been reported many times (on here!).

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Thanks for the reply. I searched through the FAQ/app bit and didn’t spot anything on this as well as on Google but couldn’t find anything, and I didn’t want to start the sign up process in-case I hit a point of no return.

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I’m trying to find a post with a screen shot to double confirm, because I’m sure I’ve seen one.

Is your choice taken into account when your card expires too, or gets marked as lost or damaged?

After checking with some different keywords I came across this from the official Twitter account!

Would be nice if this info was more readily available as I can imagine there might be quite a few people that are turned off the prospect of plus because they think there’s no choice but to have their card cancelled!


Searching on this forum is killing me, thank you for saving me from that!

I am not sure. I guess nobody has reached that point yet to find out.

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I just signed up for plus - After you pay it takes you to an ‘order card’ screen where you confirm the delivery address and instead you can click ‘Order later’ and it just relegates it to a button in the app you can press at any time to get one sent.

My assumption is that it will be honored if you need to cancel because your account won’t be flagged as using the new card yet. Can’t be certain though, depends if they thought of this or if it’s a potential oversight in the system.

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