Nationwide credit card open banking issues

Is anyone else seeing problems with their Nationwide credit card open banking data?

Since 2 days ago, Monzo is not showing me the pending transactions on that card, but it does show the correct balance that includes the pending transactions.
The weird thing (might have always been the case and I never noticed) is that the Nationwide app only shows the balance without pending transactions, so if Monzo cannot see the pendind ones, where is it getting the correct balance figure?

No expert here but could’ve been a change with nationwide showing actual balance Vs account balance in the background hence what monzo can see provided by nationwide.

@Peter_G Related to this?

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Hmm, strange. I don’t have any pending transactions to test, but it seems strange that Monzo has lost data it already had in my case.


My Nationwide credit card transaction history goes back to the 30th March on Monzo, but Trends doesn’t show anything for April. I never really looked that far back (only joined Monzo in June) so not sure if this has always been the case.

For anyone that has the same issue and finds this thread first, engineering are aware and it should be fixed in the near future.