Online transaction not showing in feed

Made a purchase online (processer was I think cardsave/Worldpay). Card check which passed (and showed in my feed) 3D secure transaction which passed. Successful payment screen shown on website.

Nothing in feed. I’m confused…

How long ago did you make the transaction? There is the occasional delay in transactions hitting your account

5 or 6 hours maybe? (I had naively assumed that online = instant)

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Not always!

99% of mine are instant, it depends how the merchant works. For instance, there’s always a lag for me for Amazon, I guess they delay just incase you cancel or singing.

Amazon charges your card when your order is dispatched.

Took amazon 6 hours to charge me for a kindle book the other day, I was 3/4 of the way through it by then


It takes several days for transactions to post. The instant feed item is based on authorisations, wait to see if it posts. I bet it will.

We had a small issue earlier where feed items were delayed while we unclogged some proverbial plumbing :wrench:

Has the transaction now appeared?

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No. Still no feed item.

It wasn’t Amazon either :slight_smile:

Please contact us on the in app chat so we can investigate.

Was it for something being delivered? Quite often they will only present the charge when the delivery goes out.

I have been in contact via in app chat. 14 hrs and message not read…

I have also been in contact with the vendor. It would seem that despite the Monzo 3D secure screen showing me a tick, the payment was declined by the processor with a 3D authentication error. The processor screen did not notify me of this during the transaction, and it returned me to the vendors “payment successful screen”.

After a couple of attempts this morning ( the payment processor seems to be a little temperamental) the payment has gone through successfully.

No idea what happened, but it seems to be sorted now :slight_smile: Thanks all for the input :slight_smile: