Online Transaction affected Balance but didn't show up on feed


Hello All,

Has anyone had some issues with online purchases not always showing up on feed?
I topped up my account with £150 then an hour later made an online purchase of £97. The payment was successful (according to the online site, so I’m assuming somewhere they got a success message from MasterCard) but I got no notification on the app.

I opened it manually, and noticed my balance under ‘Your Card’ dropped to show the 97 pounds taken out, but no feed activity. I contacted support the next day after it still wasn’t showing who said the transaction info didn’t get passed on by the card processor and then manually added it to my feed (Of course, this meant the Retailer info was a joke, it was a retail transaction and not an online, and none of the details remotely close).

Ultimately, it got solved by a support ticket which was cool, but I now I’m a bit unsure if i’m honest :S like I know we’re beta and testing stuff, but if this is more common place I’d be a little more worried about putting large sums on the card. I guess another concern I have is what happens over time if it happens again, perhaps on a smaller transaction. Without a feed entry, you would have money missing that you could never explain (unless you literally went adding everything up since the start of time).

Anyone else had anything similar? I’m hoping I’m just really really unlucky and it won’t happen again. Also without human interaction because if I didn’t notice I would have never been able to contact them to get it resolved. Bit of a confidence knock to be honest as its quite a major thing, but it is beta and providing it’s rare it seems ok to continue using.

(Rika Raybould) #2

I’ve had it happen twice so far. Wasn’t “fixed” by support though in my case.

If you look at your account through the API when it has happened, the transactions may be there but missing all of the rich data that Mondo’s services usually add.

It’s a critical issue IMO. If the app’s feed can’t be trusted, everything built on top of it is worthless. :slight_frown:

(Lee Martin) #3

This has also happened to me but with TfL transactions. My transaction history is essentially all wrong, but my balance is correct. I have raised it with the chat service and they are looking into it for me.

I agree that this should be a top priority if it is not already. But in fairness, it is in Beta and this is the whole point of it, to iron out the bugs before full public release. I only upload £100 at a time and only use it for daily small transactions until I gain more trust.

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Hey @Snook, just checked into this and I can provide a bit more detail if it’s interesting :slight_smile:

So when you paid, we received an authorisation message from the retailer for the £97. That message was blank, except for the amount and therefore didn’t show up in your feed as a transaction immediately but did change your balance. The next day, the ‘presentment’ message then came through and that had more information in and so then appeared in your feed (in the same way it would have done with a legacy bank. We didn’t do this manually). We probably hadn’t seen the retailer before hence the ugly data – as always, you can correct that yourself and then for future people it should show up correctly.

Hope that explains it – this should be very rare and only with a few retailers that might have configured their systems incorrectly or differently. On our end, we’ll also make changes to make it clearer for you to avoid confusion like you experienced. :slight_smile: Thanks for the report!


Hello Tristan,

Thanks for the explanation. I was under the impression after speaking with customer support in the app that they got it added (hence the blank time stamp of 00:00) a day later

Do many retailers have this situation?
Maybe for future builds even something like a [PENDING] £97.xx for something in the feed that got updated once further details provided. I know its not ideal and more like a traditional bank but at the same time money disappearing without a trace isnt a good experience when all we have is the search/feed.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #6

It’s pretty uncommon – we’ve only seen it in a handful of cases but definitely agree we need to show something in the future :slight_smile:

(Jacqueline) #7

Hello, new here and it just happened to me today. It’s with a small independent shop in Glasgow so I guess I shouldn’t worry about it too much seeing it may be a one off and I have had zero trouble with other retailers.

(James Billingham) #8

I kinda feel that you should decline transactions with only an amount and no other information. Although that would probably cause usability problems outweighing the benefit.


Don’t think Mondo is anywhere near big enough to be able to force that. Something more of the established big banks to do. But it does sound like the whole card processing network is a mess. From offline transactions, to delays, to lack of information. Can feel Mondos pain in dealing with it

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