Online support so poor, can't update my details :(

I used my work e-mail address once opened the account on Monzo, as well my work phone. Now me work e-mail address has been blocked and I have to return my work phone as well, so I wanted to update everything on my app:

  1. Update my e-mail to my personal
  2. Move the app to my personal phone
    I could not do no.1 as it says that e-mail address has been takes (have no idea why), I have been trying to chat, 3 persons has changed to help me and it is taking ages, and I am getting really nervous as I have to return all my work equipment and I might end up with no access to my money and savings as well. And I can not do no. 2 as my email is not working, so, if I log out from the app, I won’t be able to log in again.
    Has anyone had the same issue? Can advice what to do?
    Time is flying and I need to sort this out ASAP.

Are you 100% certain you haven’t created another account?


We can’t really help as we’re all customers here. You need to wait for Monzo to respond to you.

Unfortunately setting up Monzo on your work phone wasn’t the best idea – if it says the other email is taken you may have a duplicate Monzo account registered to that email? Or you may have had an account in the past?


Thanks for reply!
Yes, no I see that it is hard to change it, but it should be doable though. People do change devices…
And I do have only one account, and I have been a Monzo client since February and have never used it before. Actually I heard about it first time in February when I moved to UK. So far from usage perspective it has been great, but when it comes to support, it makes me willing to change a bank. Really poor :frowning: I have send the last message today 8am, and so far no reply.

Possibly this. As someone who uses two email aliases interchangeably day to day, I accidentally signed up twice with both emails years ago, but only ever completed on one. Now if I try to change my email to the other, it’s already taken. And why half the time I need to log back in and enter the wrong email, I don’t realise anything’s gone wrong until I start getting to the pages where I confirm my details and begin the ID checks.

As a potential interim solution for @Madara , create a new email address with Google or Microsoft, or Apple, or Protonmail, whoever you prefer, and use that until Monzo can resolve the issue with your primary personal email account.

Even if you have to return your phone to work you can still recover your account with an ID check, so I wouldn’t worry about that, but it may take time.


No, I am pretty sure I have one Monzo account. I have tried to install the app on my personal phone - and so far it says: We’re verifying your account information. I used my personal email on this.
I am afraid now - if I log out from my work phone app, I won’t be able to log into my personal phone, and then I won’t be able to manage my account.
When I try to log in on my laptop, it says: E-mail account does not exist (on both email addresses - personal and work). So I am really confused…

That’s the problem - it sounds very much like what you’ve done here is apply for a new account using your personal details.

You’ll have to wait for the COps to get back to you in-app so they can look at the situation and try and resolve it.


That’s you starting the new account flow, so that’s why they’re saying it’s already used.


Oh OK, thanks, that might work.
So from this it sounds that I have completed sign-up only with my work e-mail, and it could be so that my personal e-mail is still waiting for confirmation, but - that can’t happen as I am still signed in on my work phone app that is connected to work e-mail.
I can try to log out from work phone now, but I am scared that I won’t be able to log in back :grimacing: That’s my only concern.
Thanks for support! :slight_smile:

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This concerns me. What is the URL you’re trying to log into here?

If it’s the Monzo for Emergencies websites, then I hope this is simply a bug. It’s very bad security to practice to inform a user whether or not a particular email is registered. It’s a common method on certain onion sites, to brute force some email dumps until you find an email that doesn’t result in a does not exist warning, then target them for phishing.

I hope you’re not being phished.

As for where your issue has come from, I believe @Revels has hit the nail on the head. You started a new sign up flow with your personal email, which puts you in the same situation I’m in with my two emails. Again, I’d suggest creating a new email, log into the app on your work phone, and update it to that new email, until you can get this resolved with Monzo. Good luck OP!

OK yes, this is starting to make sense… I guess I just have to log out from work phone and then log in with my personal phone and e-mail by proving ID.

Don’t log out.

Your personal email will fail confirmation because the checks will show you already have an account.

You need to stay logged in so you can chat to the COps using the in-app support in order to try and resolve this.

If you get logged out you’ll have to use email or phone to try and get things sorted, which will take longer.

Yes, I was thinking the same… That’s why wanted to reach out for support, thanks

At this point I still have work phone available, but not the e-mail though. So really wanted to update my email address in app

If you stay logged in, you should eventually be able to get things sorted the easiest way possible. Not having access to the old email shouldn’t be a problem because you can explain that you no longer have access to it, and Monzo will have other ways of verifying who you are before updating your details.

In short, patience would appear to be the key here. Just make sure you don’t log out of the app, as if you do then you’ll have no access to in-app chat, and you’ll need even more patience as you try and get it resolved by email/phone instead, which will take a lot longer.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Here in the chat I logged in with my personal e-mail address, so it worked and recognizded me. I would assume this confirms that I have started new sign-up and that’s why on work phone app it shows: e-mail already taken.

From experience - how long does it take to solve issues like this?

On your work phone inside the Monzo app, from the home tab do the following:

  1. tap on your profile icon at the top left of the screen
  2. From this screen, tap on the settings icon at the top right
  3. From this screen tap on the box labelled personal details.
  4. From this screen scroll down and tap on your email
  5. You’ll be presented with the following screen. Enter the new personal email you’ve created here, and tap next
  6. Once done, log into your personal phone using the new email you changed it to.

That sounds right. I didn’t bother getting mine fixed, because it’s not really an issue which email I used, so I can’t say I’m afraid.

Your best bet is to follow those instructions above, then log into your personal phone. Once that’s done, start a chat to get the issue resolved.

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This is exactly what I did on my work phone app - and the notificiation says: E-mail already taken.
So I started the online support chat and I am stuck with them now… No response

Create a new email, then try it again, changing to the new email you’ve created. That way you can log into your personal phone whilst you wait to get this resolved.

It’s the only way you’re going to be able to get up and running on your personal phone ASAP if you can’t login using your work email anymore.

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Thanks! Will try that

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