Monzo Support for email update time?

Whilst I made the switch over to a private mail provider, I forgot that I had logged out of the app (a fair number of accounts emails to update), and deleted my old email address… which is tied to my Monzo account.

How much time does it take, roughly speaking, to process an email address update request?

Thanks in advance.

Have you contact support via chat or in the phone if you do in the chat they will what you to prove your ID.

I nit sure how long it will take but when I ask them to change my email to a new one it was more a less right away.

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Email support can take a couple of days

Phone the number on the back of your card and they should be able to help

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I contacted via email as I have no access to my account, app-wise. I’ll wait until tomorrow and if nothing else, then I’ll do as @Rat_au_van suggested and call the number on the rear of my card.

Thanks anyhow!

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Email support can be slow may best to call them it can take but to get from thou

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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll wait until tomorrow night, and if nothing then I’ll call the number. Don’t want to appear inpatient! :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: No response still :confused:

Called Saturday(?) and the bloke that answered said that the team for accounts would look into it.
Wonder what’s going on?!

What about the in app chat or try email or calling gain maybe

People using private mail servers have reported real problems before. Don’t think it’s a quick fix

Give them another call and see if there’s any update