Online payments not working

Hey I’ve not been able to use my card to pay at the following sites, would love some help. They both say they accept mastercard.

Did you get any kind of notification in your monzo feed?

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As above. Check for a feed notification, tap into it and it should give you the reason.

If you don’t have a feed notification then it hasn’t hit Monzo so it is an issue with the website. With this you should have an error on the website that should give you a hint at what the issue is.

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Just to say, I had a lot of issues using Apple Pay on my iPad for ages. I couldn’t use Monzo this way at all. I constantly received a message saying “card not accepted, please use another card,” but inputting the details manually always worked fine.

Turned out the account name field in Apple Pay was pre filled with ‘Monzo’ :roll_eyes:

I’ve no idea how it happened, unless I thought I was naming the card one day, but was actually changing my name to Monzo.

TL:DR It’s worth checking all the details are correct, especially if you are positive that they must be.

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nope, no notifications on feed - and now to add to this list I have another steam payment I tried to use with paypal not go through. I am about to try without paypal but i have a feeling monzo is still the problem and it’s the same issue as the previous two cases

Have now checked that all details are correct

No notifications on the feed means it’s probably not a Monzo issue and the problem is before it gets that far.

Is this a new card? Has this happened before? There’s something else involved causing the problem.

I agree from what Monzo says in the faq about it not coming up on the feed its the merchants not having ‘upgraded their systems’ for monzo. But in effect that IS a monzo issue. And if this is going to be happening this regularly I really cant afford to be with Monzo. I could be playing the game I’m unable to buy today; it prevented me from eating that other day; i’ve still not ordered the things I want because of this and have no other cards with money on them. So essentially if this is indeed the issue and I have to wait on Monzo to reach out and ASK these suppliers to upgrade their systems, everything i want to buy is going to have a waiting date! I cant afford for that to be the case

This isn’t very common anymore.

Monzo can/will/might ask, but there’s nothing else they can do. Under Mastercard rules they should accept your payment but what the rules say and what happens in real life is totally different.

I’ve used hundreds of retailers and never had a problem. The first site you posted is a bit obscure but if you’re using Monzo via PayPal, then there’s nothing there that will need accepting, so there’s going to be something else causing the problem.

Where prevented you from eating?

To me this seems like a problem with you/your card and not Monzo overall. Is it working in other places?

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Yes its working in other places - all of my subscriptions etc are working, every where I use apple pay is working, its just the online one time transactions that have been causing problems

Tried again. Have already made a ticket with steam also but no reply so far.

Since this has occured on multiple sites and the problem is definitely with monzo, will it be faster to just change banks at this rate??

It’s you doing something somewhere along the line. If it doesn’t reach the app, it’s highly unlikely to be Monzo. Purchasing from Steam with Monzo is not a problem.

Are you 100% sure all your details are correct? You haven’t autosaved it incorrectly?

That is PayPal anyway.

Looks to be steam or PayPal, PayPal being the payment provider in this example.

What other sites specifically are you having the issue with?

Have you reconfirmed the card details from the Monzo app and used those to make the payment directly instead of a third party?

Definitely an issue with Steam. Have you tried a smaller amount in case they believe you to be doing come kind of fraud on a new account?

I’m forever topping up my account with Monzo.

You can also try using your card direct instead of going through PayPal. They could also be the cause so that will help eliminate one extra step.

Have you checked that your card details are correct? The sort code as well as the account number? Problems with multiple sites and nothing showing in Monzo makes me think there might be a problem there. If your sort code and account number were correct and the payments were failing, you’d expect to see some message in the Monzo app.

Are you sure your billing address on PayPal is correct? When paying with PayPal are you selecting a payment method that wasn’t verified? Is steam’s idea of your address the same as PayPal’s?
No need to change banks for One merchant.
Have you tried using Mastercard as a payment method by entering your details directly in Steam rather than use PayPal as a merchant?

So I’ve double checked everything and tried without paypal also to no avail, this is the latest from steam :disappointed:

That’s strange. I think you need to open an in-app support request with Monzo and share that screenshot with them. It might be your card details have been compromised somehow and they’ll need to issue you with a new card? Unfortunately I think you’ve hit the end of the road in terms of support the community can offer, as only Monzo know or will be able to see the details needed to figure out what is happening with your card.

Have you raised a chargeback against steam or disputed money they’ve taken from you in the past?

The payment method you are attempting to use has been restricted from use in our system

That’s almost verbatim what I told a client the other day when their card had been flagged as potentially fraudulent by our payment processor. Get a new card @MustSpend (it might not even be that your card was actually used fraudulently, just that it’s been associated with some less-than-desirable behaviour - either way: it can only be fixed with a new card).