Some retailers still not accepting Monzo?

I just tried to purchase something off The Body Shop’s website - it said they took Mastercard and I entered my card details. It declined, saying incorrect card details, I thought it was strange but thought maybe I made a mistake. I re-entered looking at my card and the same thing happened.

Are some stores just not accepting Monzo payments online? I checked out through PayPal in the end.


You can email with the details and they can look into it.

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I doubt this is a Monzo issue. If they accept MC they accept MC.

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Both I and my partner had this recently with Nike’s website

In my case with Monzo and them with another bank

In both cases it seemed to actually be the address that was causing the problem???!

They had a mysterious error code that I searched for an others had the same

I ended up using PayPal and it worked

I wonder if something similar happened here

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Merchant acceptance issues are far fewer than they used to be, but you still might see it here and there. Definitely email the address mentioned above. With Body Shop it could have been a temporary glitch so it might also be worth getting in touch with us through the in-app chat so we can investigate. We get a lot of transactions there with no issues so this could have been a temporary thing.


Some online payment forms have different options for MasterCard Debit Cards and MasterCard Credit Cards, and a Monzo payment will fail if you select credit card.

I’ve been tripped up by this a couple of times. Are you sure you’ve chosen debit card, if you’re given the choice?

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Sounds like it!

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Ahhh well I don’t think it specified credit or debit so maybe they didn’t accept debit? Not sure. Thanks!

thanks for replying!

Homebird in Heswall not accepting Monzo cards

Didn’t get chance to ask anybody why, no purchase made


I have weird errors pop up on Nike’s website all the time when I try to order that have led me to abandon my orders on several occasions. My last successful orders were all with my Monzo card. I think they get a lot of fraud orders online so are extra strict on the address matching.

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You should email

Yeah I’ve already done it. Imagine it’s something to do with the new SCA rules

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