Online grocery shopping - delayed card payments

(ellie.quigley) #1

I ordered some shopping at ASDA yesterday, and used my Mondo card.
As the food isn’t going to be delivered until tomorrow, and with ASDA giving me 24 hours to make any amends, the retailer only took 1p off my cards, and will be taking the rest when the order is processed (tonight, I assume).

If I, by chance, forget that the money is going to come out, and don’t have enough on my card, will the payment be declined, or do Mondo create a buffer like my regular bank would (but without charging me £35 for the pleasure)?

Assume it will be declined, but best to check!


Idea to solve declined payments... Add "planned" payment?
(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey @EllieQ, yep it would be declined :slight_smile:

(ellie.quigley) #3

I thought so! That’s good really, nothing worse than owing the bank money, is there? tops up account