Declined Payment with Tesco

So I had an interesting problem with Tesco online groceries. Long story short, they were not able to charge the card on the day of delivery (yesterday). This was my 4th order with them and the first time this has happened with them (all other orders went off without a hitch).

Anybody have similar experience?

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Did you have enough money in your account?

Did the notification come up in your feed to say declined?

Was your card frozen in app for any reason. That’s when mine tends to fail tbh

Declining can also be because the system has timed out waiting for a response. Instead of saying Time Out or something sensible, it just declines it.

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Have a Tesco grocery delivery due today and payment went through fine

I have had this happen, intermittently before - particularly at self service tills. Normally they just re-attempt and it works out fine.

This happens all the time with, not just with monzo.

I’ve never had a problem with a payment not going through and been using them for years

As a bit of a side-wise move on this topic…

How does the Monzo ‘approve for online payments’ service work when the actual payment will be taken a day or so after you’ve placed the order?

So, with Tesco, for example, they don’t actually charge you until they process your order and have it all ready to be sent over. So, that could be days later. I think they do a card check when you place it, but only for a token amount (£1?). Do you get the approval pop up in the Monzo app when they attempt to charge the full amount (and if you don’t see it and miss it, what happens?)

You get the approval message when you confirm the order and it shows the amount of your basket but doesn’t take the amount on approval then just appears when they process it on day of delivery

I’m a driver for them, it happens all the time with payments getting declined even if the customer has cash in the bank, it’s not limited to monzo happens with all banks

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So I placed another order with them yesterday. Got SMS today saying payment got declined and I must call by 2pm. Got a hold of someone who said the shop will try again and phone me in five minutes. I didn’t get a call. I called again and was put on hold while they recalled the store. Then I was told the guy was just busy and couldn’t call me but would by 2pm, but he did try twice to charge the card already.

Come 1:57pm, a gentlemen calls me and explains that it’s not their end. All he sees is “payment failed for card ending in xxxx” or something like that. I asked him if their system isn’t timing out and he was confident it wasn’t. I told him the card is good and I saw the active card check yesterday and there was no notification on my app, but he wasn’t sure what to do. Anyway, I confirmed with him that the order is cancelled and that was that.

The help in the app says that if a transaction is declined but not in the feed, then it’s likely the merchant’s problem.

Well whatever, I’m not using Tesco online again. I’ve never had this issue with ASDA or Ocado. I don’t know why they can’t just pre-authorise the funds when I do the order.


Have a look at this topic, especially the replies from @Dan5, as I think it might be the same updated SCA issue:

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Thanks. I had same problem with Waitrose today - at online checkout did not get asked for CVV on the stored card and no active card check on Monzo app. So I amended the order, deleted my Monzo card and did check out with Nationwide debit. This gave me the dialogue box and request to verify on my NW app. I’m going to let this go through to delivery on Saturday. I’ve also contacted Waitrose to ask them to investigate why my Monzo cards are being declined. Assuming NW check out works, it is a very annoying workaround as I use Monzo to budget on all grocery payments.

My Tesco order today went through fine never had a problem with them

You are probably going to see a lot more declined payments until retailers update their payment processing systems inline with the FCAs new 2FA security requirement to help combat fraud.

This is when you make a payment you should be promoted to head into your banks app and approve the payment either like you normally do in Monzo or by entering a OTP.


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