Online account?

OK. Monzo is advertised as an ONLINE ONLY BANK. So why does it not work ONLINE. It works fulltime via the APP but not ONLINE on my PC. Account transactions are viewable but thats about all. No access to setting up Pots etc. Thought ONLINE meant ONLINE

You can access it online to view your account, freeze your card and ask for support. It is pretty basic right now and I hope that Monzo improve it in the future!


It’s “advertised” as a mobile bank though not online.

Genuinely asking what advert made you believe it was online including desktop? Was it the website or poster you saw, TV advert?
The website to me just has references and images of mobiles. With: “Download the Monzo app on iOS or Android and join the 2 million people who’ve changed the way they bank.” :man_shrugging:


Online only means Monzo has no physical presence.

It doesn’t stipulate what devices are required.

Do you not like to use it on your phone?

Just curious what you feel a computer would help with?

Monzo have always promoted themselves as a ‘smartphone’ bank, not a multi-platform online bank. It’s been app based from the start.

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OK. I have looked into it a lot more and yes it is an APP based bank. It does say Online is for emergencies only with limited access. Ive only just got a smart phone so was expecting an Online bank and didnt realise it was APP based. Now I know I am happy to start learning to use Apps.


That’s great! Don’t be afraid to post if you need any help. I’m sure you’ll have it figured out in no time. :blush:


No worries, a lot of people have asked about is there going to be a full web version they can use on desktop, rather than the stripped down essentials if you lose your phone version. I think the next step would be tablet in future. But currently I think Monzo is just focused on iPhone and Android phones atm.

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You can vote for a full feature Monzo Web here:

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