OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro

Launching on 26 Sep.

OP7T Info:
-8+128GB & 8+256GB, Frosted Silver & Haze Blue
-6.55" 2K Super AMOLED 90hz Display with Smaller Notch
-3800mAH Battery
-48MP+16MP+12MP Camera, 16MP Front, 960FPS 10 Sec. SlowMo, Wide Angle Video and Nightscape

Doesn’t appear to be much difference in the 7T Pro from the 7 Pro.

I’m interested to see the price point!


I think I’ve settled on my next phone being a OnePlus. I’m not sure about the Pro because specs wise I love it but the curved glass is a lot more difficult to protect and I’ve smashed my iPhone glass way too many times recently but luckily had an edge to edge glass protector.

I’m really not a fan of that 7T camera housing though, it’s gigantic. I miss the days of flush camera designs.


You probably won’t notice it.

OnePlus tend to make the kind of phones that you really need to get in your hands, so you can appreciate how well balanced they are and how things you thought maybewouldn’t work for you (such as the large screens) really don’t impact negatively at all!


There could be a potential price increase for the 7T, which would be a shame. We will have to see. I favour the 7T’s size over the pro, so that’s the one I have my eye on.

Has anyone ever moved from IPhone to one plus? Just wondered if it was a difficult thing to move your data across.

Good time to potentially get a discounted 7 Pro hopefully.

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I’m curious whether it’ll have 5G, I’m pretty settled on getting a OnePlus for my next phone and I’m eager to try it out with 3’s “real” 5G

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I would imagine at the very least there will be a 5G variant.

Could end up being a network exclusive though - I believe the 5G version of the 7 Pro is exclusive to EE (could be wrong on that!)

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I think the price is going to be the most interesting part. It looks like they are going to drop the 6GB version when I saw the information related to the internal storage for this phone.
Fingers crossed it is 128gb and 8GB of Ram for £499 - if so, it will be a winner!

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That would be fantastic - I think they’ll likely launch at £549 or £599 personally though. But we’re edging close to Black Friday so even it does launch higher, a price drop on Black Friday could be on the cards.

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Yes. I agree.
Coming from iOS, that’s a small fee for mobile phone when compared with the iPhone.

I been using OnePlus 6t since it came out last year, awesome phone well worth the money :+1:

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OnePlus 7T Pro leak plz. Although it seems like it’ll be the same as the 7 Pro with a slight spec bump?


Basically the same as the 7 Pro but there’s a huge part of me leaning towards this over the Pixel 4 due to the full screen design!

Going to the event this October

£699 on the 7T Pro!

Damn. Really torn between this and the Pixel 4 XL. I’ll wait for the Google event to see if Google have something up their sleeve.


I’ve got the one Plus 7 Pro with 12gb ram and it’s a really good Android phone. The 90hz display is amazing, very fast and very responsive. The battery is pretty good and easily lasts the day.

For me the warp charge charger is amazing, this is the first phone that I don’t charge overnight. And it holds its charge through the night and typically only losses 4% overnight. I then charge it in the morning and it’s fully charged before I leave for work.

Negatives, the screen can be slightly over sensitive and end up reading a touch to scroll as a selection. Camera, it’s very good but it’s not a pixel phone. The finger print sensor is good but as it’s built into the screen it’s not quite as fast and accurate as others.

Over all I love the phone, having a full screen is great and the game modes are great and it stays cool. It’s a powerful phone but the warp charge is something to be seen.

Finally it’s very light on bloat wear , just a few apps from one plus and rest is very close to stock.

If you’ve any questions, let me know and I’ll try and answer.


I reckon it boils down to the camera or the screen. If you want the absolute best camera, just get a pixel. If you’re happy with a pretty good camera, I think theres a few area’s where oneplus is ahead of pixels. Especially the screen and bezel.

I’m upgrading from a Pixel 2 XL and I do really enjoy the camera but the phone has started to slow.

I think it’s pretty clear the P4XL will have a better camera. But the OP7T Pro has shown up with more RAM, a faster processor than what’s rumored to be in the P4, UFS 3.0, and that amazing screen… all for £699 when the Pixel will probably land at £899.

Gonna wait til the event but I’m so torn.

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