OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro

I’ve recently just purchased the OP 7 (I’m not a fan of curved screens, though I would have loved the all screen of the Pro) and I’m thoroughly impressed. The 7TP I’m sure is a step above. It’s a very clean interface on OxygenOS without all of the usual manufacturer bloatware.

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The 12GB RAM option is extremely temping for me even though my 6T is only a year old…

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The renders of the one plus 8 has poured water on the fire of the pro release. I know it’s just speculation, but the Samsung style punch hole is a far more practical design than the pop up camera. It’s the feature that always put me off buying this phone.

The 7T looks great. Think I’ll stick with iPhone for another year however :+1:

That’s a really good point that I hadn’t considered.

It seems that Google are going all-in on Face Unlock, like Apple.

Somewhat mitigated by the in-screen fingerprint scanner, but the pop-up camera on the OP7T Pro isn’t going to be useful for Face Unlock.

The pop up camera works ok for unlocking, it’s faster than you think.

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The on screen fingerprint scanner is really (really) quick. Personal preference and all that, but I much rather that than face unlock (and it works at different angles, like lying flat on a table).

As @AaronB1 alludes to, you can use the front camera to unlock - it just pops up and down quickly! But remember that this isn’t as secure as Apple’s (and presumably Google’s) version as it’s just the one camera. None of the other biometric validation.

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So I’ve not been paying too much attention (this whole difference between the US and the rest of the world with the 7T being released a bit before the 7T Pro made me think the Pro line wasn’t getting an update) but the 7T Pro is a thing:

Incremental but looks great. And I don’t think you can get better for the money…

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Definitely leaning towards the OnePlus 7T Pro in light of the rumored Pixel 4 pricing. Might end being my first non-Google phone since 2012 :astonished:

Of course, might well change my mind after the Google event on Tuesday.

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What about the next Samsung?

Free HP Chrome book with the Pixel 4 on 3 though :rofl:

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