I need a new mobile phone

(Nick Slade) #1

Hi all,

I’m looking to get a new phone but for the life of me I cannot decide which one! I have it narrowed down to the following…

OnePlus 5T (or 6T)
Honor 20
Honor 20 Lite

I’m not interested in iPhone, and want a phone which is below the £400 mark.

  • Is it worth spending more for the 6T or am I basically getting the same package on the Honor phones?
  • Does anyone have any of the phones above? What do you like most about them or dislike about them?
  • Has anyone had all of these phones? What did you find good or bad about each of them and how to they compare?
(Splodf) #2

I’ve got the 6T and I’ve said it a few times here, but I hate it’s guts.

I’ve had a 5T since it originally came out. I got the full bells and whistles edition with the extra ram and storage, it’s hands down the best phone I’ve ever had, couldn’t recommend it enough.

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(👨‍💻) #3

How come? Fingerprint scanner in the screen issues?

(👨‍💻) #4

What about the OnePlus 6? That always got a solid review.

(Splodf) #5

It’s not as good as my 5T in various places and where it is it is only as good as my 5T. For a phone two versions up it’s a poor effort. It’s the joke of our office how average it is.

I genuinely don’t use it outside of work calls. I kept my 5T as an emergency and ended up using it full time.

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An interesting thread. I have an iPhone XR and I love it. I also have a Nokia 108 dual sim phone which I use for work. So basically, I have 2 phones with 3 sim cards all pay as you go, Three, Asda Mobile and o2. No, I’m not a ‘dealer’…:rofl: The XR is my personal use phone only which I do all of my mobile banking on and only a very select few people have the number. The dual sim phone, one sim is solely for work use for them to contact me and the other sim is just a burner sim for insurance companies and any other tripe. The Nokia 108 operates on 2g only and therefore the 3 sim card won’t work in it so that is in my iPhone.

However, I would like to get a Oneplus phone and I have been looking at the 6T. I’ve been doing plenty of research and the thing that is luring me to the Oneplus 6T is the fact that not only is it dual sim, but it is dual 4G/LTE. It is likely that the UK will phase out 3G before 2G is phased out, a few years off yet granted, but very much a possibility. So I’d like an additional smartphone so Oneplus is looking likely for me. At least then I could also browse the internet on either my o2 or Asda Mobile sim cards, something that is pretty much impossible with the Nokia 108.

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(Kate 🌈) #7

I’ve had the 5T for just over a year and love it. It’s a brilliant phone.

(oliver) #8

I use OnePlus 6, it’s good


I’ve recently switched to a Nokia 7.1, £180 and you get a lot for your money. Very impressed so far :grinning:

(Simon B) #10

Of those three - Definitely the OnePlus. Stock, or close-to-stock Android is far more usable (IMHO) than the heavy customisation on the Honor phones.


Me too. Been very happy - although it suffers from the issues I’ve had with all my Nokias in the past - extremely poor screen glass quality. First drop (after 3 days) and it’s full of gouges. My Moto G4 lasted more than 2 years, dropped nearly every day and never sustained a single scratch to the glass.

(Johnny Ellwood) #12

Got the 6T myself, cant fault it. Battery life is awesome, face unlock is almost instant and the storage/RAM is more than enough to run PSX Emulators on it, but thats just my thing :wink:

Its got a decent price tag on it too and as @simonb mentioned its the most stripped down version of Stock android i’ve came across. Plus if you are that way inclined they support the flashing of custom ROMs to truly make it yours. This however could be said about all OnePlus devices…

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(Charlie Kelly) #13

The 6T is a great shout. DM me if you want a referral (free stuff for both of us).

Or wait a month or two for the 7.


What free stuff would you get ?

(Charlie Kelly) #15

You get £20 of credit for accessories.


That’s pretty cool thanks.

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I’ve been looking at the Hewaui Mate 20 Pro for my next upgrade.
Anyone had a play about with it?

(👨‍💻) #18

They brought out some new phones today, due for release in April. Have you checked them out? I haven’t used the phones however.


Oh nice, hopefully that means that the price of the older ones will drop.
The new ones do look good though but I’d say they would be a bit too pricey for me.

I think I’ll get a SIM only contact and buy the phone for myself once my current contract ends.

(Piers Spencer ) #20

Got a Wileyfox Swift 2x and I think it’s a great phone for the price.

I would go for something new in the future though - these Chinese phones are really competitive.