OnePlus 6T

Now here’s an interesting thing.OnePlus 6T looks to have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Given that they have a UK retail deal with O2, this might be the first device available in UK stores with an in-display fingerprint scanner? :thinking:


We were talking a bit about it over here:

tl;dr: I’m looking for reasons not to get one (final specs, performance and price permitting, of course)

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The article claims it will release on the 17th October.

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Really tempted to upgrade to the 6T but still happy with my 3T! The in-display scanner sounds very intriguing though :thinking:


Oneplus is not only a cool device but a pretty cool story in relation to the ‘young’ guy who ‘built’ it all

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The only annoying thing about OnePlus 6T is going to be that I have OnePlus 6 and it would be really silly to buy 6T :drooling_face:


Looks good doesn’t it?!

I’ve got the OP3 so well overdue an upgrade now and have been waiting for the 6T since they announced the 6.

The under screen fingerprint scanner has been spoken about for a while now and it will be cool to see it in the OP6T and for an achievable price. I’m still bemused by the £1000+ price tags being slapped on phones these days… And more so, by the people who upgrade at each iteration and pay this money!

Problem with the 6 now with O2 is the price is so high on contract! I assume the 6T will be an exclusive again to o2, so I’ll be buying outright as my contract, 4gb/ul calls/SMS is just £10p/m with Three, £14p/m cheaper than on the O2 contract option.


If you’ve got the money then buying outright is definitely the way to go.

But back on 6t news… No headphone jack?! :scream::open_mouth:

This was nearly my perfect phone…


I’m interested to hear how fast the finger print sensor in the screen will be. I read somewhere that this was one of the draw backs of the technology in the past.

I’d be surprised if they went for it if it was so slow.

Re no headphone jack… I r ad they went this route as 60% of their users responded to have Bluetooth. They will however supply with the converter if that’s of use?

I figure that as with all my devices and the amount the jack got used, it always ends up breaking and needing to be put in at a certain angle… I’m not fussed by this as I too now have Bluetooth headphones for running and Bluetooth connection in the car.

So it’s based on the Oppo / Vivo ones that are already in the (Chinese) wild.

This (older) one looks a tad too slow for my liking:

But this one seems quick, and seems to be the Oppo model that the 6t will be based on:

One to wait and see on, I suppose? :man_shrugging:


I have a feeling that the recognition speed won’t really slow people down more than the usual “finding the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone”. I just don’t understand why more & more companies are putting the reader, not only on the back of smartphones, but right underneath the camera lens!

Seems like OP have the right idea, can’t wait for it to be released and see what MKBHD has to say about it.

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:question: :thinking:

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@Peter_G A YouTuber :grinning:

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I’m so tempted to get this and give Android a good go :slight_smile:


looks a lot faster than my s7

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I think the only thing we don’t know now is the release date.

And the lack of a headphone jack has turned this from my favourite (rumoured) phone to waiting for the 7 (or maybe 7t)…

Reviews are landing!