OnePlus 7 Pro Announced!

This looks very, very good. Impressed with the refresh rate being bumped up to 90.


This could be the phone that makes me go Android… had it not been for getting an Apple Watch and nothing comes close to it in Android world.


I have been using three generation of OnePlus, none of them make me disappointed. @tomsr, it will never let you down.

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I’ve had my X for two years and I want something different now, but sadly it doesn’t look like Apple will give it to us this year. So I’m thinking of jumping ship, but as you said, nothing comes close to the Apple Watch.

Is anyone put off by the pop up camera? I’m not convinced.

The specs look good on paper. Just have concerns about the moving parts.


I had the first 3 One Plus phones when they were £275, and they were absolutely excellent for the price. I abandoned them when they jacked their prices up though. I mean, they’re a little cheaper than their competitors, but they’re not cheap.


I think that is down to a general trend of mobile phones getting more expensive due to less demand (people keeping their phones longer) amongst other things. There is a good article on it here:

Very intrigued by new OnePlus. Currently using a Pixel 2 XL, depends how the camera and machine learning software on the newest pixel when I am ready to upgrade compare to this.

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I use face unlock a lot on my 6T so was curious on how that worked, just finished watching an unboxing where the face unlock feature was tested. Its nice but longer as the camera has to come out to do it… However the in glass fingerprint unlock was amazingly quick. Im on the fence after just spending this much on the top end 6T… That Nebua Blue though…

Very tempted to buy this. The reviews seem positive and Apple hasn’t really done much with their newer iPhones to make me want to stay with them

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I am definitely going to get this. I have had OnePlus phone for over 4 years now and have not been let down by any aspect so for me, it’s a no brainer.

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They have just gone on sale now

Referral if anyone is interested:

The prices still feel very high for me. I’m looking forward to the next Pixel which should be going for $499, hopefully that gets translated into pounds rather than just swapping the currency symbol.

I like the fancier tech but I’m just not making the most of it.

That’s why im waiting to switch to Apple. For the Watch.

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I can’t see the pixel 4 being $499 unfortunately. If you are taking about the 3a and 3 XL, then you’ll pick them up cheaper. Flagship phones are much higher these days.

What are you waiting for?
If it’s the iPhone 11 then the leaks don’t fill me with confidence.

I know OnePlus mentioned the future updates to os on the OnePlus 7 yesterday, but I was wondering whether you are getting updates on your phone?

OnePlus are very good at updates until their next phone comes out in six months time, then they start slowing down. Security updates slow down to every two months, the odd bug fix, etc.

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I’m the same. When I got my Pixel 2 XL 18 month ago it was the first android phone I’d bought. When it’s up for renewal in October-November, I’ll either get the OnePlus 7 Pro or Pixel 4 XL, but that would have to be something special to beat the OnePlus.

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This is the biggest issue for me coming from iOS. When I’ve brought my iPhones, I felt confident about getting a phone that would recieve updates in a timely manner. The issue with Android phones is the lack of support once a new phone comes out, to prompt people to upgrade.

My next phone will be an Android device, as I’m really bored of iOS and Apple’s pricing structure. I am really looking forward to the pixel 4.

The OnePlus did flicker my interest, then the lack of support is a real turn off.

It’s still better than most Android manufacturers, except for Google though!

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