Google Pixel 6

Given that it’s Google, I’m going to reserve judgement until the reviews actually hit. But it does looks really nice.

Highlights for me:

  • lovely design (IMHO)
  • custom silicon
  • (finally!) a top of the line sensor

Probablly going to be pricey but it’s going to be really interesting how to see how good its pics are given that Google have resolutely stuck to the same ancient sensor for so many years and still managed to be competitive.


I’m guessing the 6 will be £895 and the 6 Pro £1095

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I had a Pixel and really did enjoy it. Ultimately I am in the Apple ecosystem but I think that it’s a nice clean Android experience, and history generally shows if a company makes the software and hardware it works better.

Especially excited about their own chip. Could be a real game changer for the company.


That camera bar is going to be either iconic and loved, or hated with a passion!


Currently using the Pixel 5 at the moment and quite sold overall but not too sure about the design of the Pixel 6 :thinking:

Pro variant though might convince me to jump to the upgrade.


I wonder if it’ll be more stable when laying flat on a table?

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If WhatsApp hurry up and bring over moving/migrating chats. I may consider moving to my first Pixel phone (on an iPhone 12 Pro Max currently), which would have a good resale value as it’s less than a year old :slight_smile:
That’s what I like about iPhone is unlike Android phones, they tend to keep their value longer

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Feels like a spiritual to the Nexus 6P.

I’ve found it works both ways. If you’re not buying your Android flagships at a good discount, you’re doing it wrong. Overall difference isn’t that big.


Hate the look of the camera … Will probably upgrade to it from my galaxy z fold 2…


Love the look of this. Waiting to see if the rumoured Pixel Fold becomes a thing :eyes:

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Sold on the 6 Pro, assuming we don’t get any news on the Fold. If we do… I may get that, but it would have to be on par with the Pro and not silly money.


Fingers crossed the battery is better than the Pixel 5.
Although I haven’t owned one myself, a couple of friends are Google fans and they have said that although the phone itself is great, the battery life has always been abysmal.

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My experience of the Px5 has been entirely the opposite. Since new in October 2020, this thing packs at least 2 days in operation when used normally* and keeps on going.

*That doesn’t include constantly watching YouTube/Netflix/Plex/Spotify streams, which will kill any battery & also accelerated by the quality of service connection method too.

Compared to previous Pixel phones I’ve had - and compared to the current crop of Samsung/iPhone devices the family uses (all latest models) - the Px5 still beats 'em. Outstanding.

Looking forward to the Px6 Pro :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


As I said, I can’t speak personally, but only from what I have been told by Pixel 5 owners.
Maybe it is because of how they use them.
Whatever happens, it would be good to have another proper premium phone in the market, if for no other reason than to keep the others on their toes :grin:

I love the spec but just can’t see myself ever paying that for a phone… every phone I’ve had has been a pure google phone… from the first G1 through the Nexus and the pixels, but I have to draw the line somewhere…

Luckily the Pixel 5 I have has nothing I’d really want to upgrade anyway. It’s fast, good battery, still gets timely updates… so not too worried and will see what next year brings.

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So I’ve gone

Nexus 6

Moto G6 Plus

and now just bought the…

Mi 11 Lite 5G

It’s basically just a bit better specs than the Pixel 5 and cost me £309 new.

I don’t mind it being MIUI as I run Nova launcher which nukes it to stock Android feel.

My problem is is I’m struggling to find decent 6"+ phones which aren’t fricking bricks over 200g.

My old Moto G6 Plus 167g bare + 18g condom case + 185g

The Mi 11 Lite 5G is 162g bare + 19g condom case = 181g

So to me that Lite feels “normal”.

Is there anything else on the market atm that anyone can recommend that’s lite and mid spec?

6.55" 90Hz HDR10+ OLED
780G / Adreno 642
Dual speakers
Wifi6 / 5G
Li-Po 4250 mAh / 33W charging

Oneplus stuff is generally well regarded.

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Yeah the new Nord 2 is up there with it.

Heavier: 189g bare
Smaller screen: 6.43" 90Hz HDR10+ OLED
Faster chipset: D1200
Better battery on paper: Li-Po 4500 mAh / 65W charging

I think the faster D1200 on the 6nm node would rinse the battery faster than the 780G on its 5nm. So the extra 250 mAh might be negligible.

This’ll likely be the 1st Pixel I purchase, although I’ll check when it’s our what else is new for purchase.

I’ve always had something from Huawei or OnePlus etc but Huawei ruled out for now due to lack of Play services.

I love the Pixel design and not put off by the bar at the back.