OnePlus 5 App Issues


Sorry if this has been picked up elsewhere but I couldn’t see anyone with the same issue.

My Monzo app has been unable to refresh for probably almost a month now. When I uninstall and reinstall the app (and log back in), the app is able to sync with my details however as soon as I exit the app and re-open, the app is unable to sync. I have tried logging out and logging back in however this doesn’t seem to have any effect, the only solution I’ve been able to find so far is to re-install the app.

It’s also worth noting that Monzo notifications still appear to be working. So for example, if I receive a payment or need to approve a transaction, the notification still comes through

I have just updated the app to double-check that the version I have is not just out of date and this doesn’t seem to have helped.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can add or need to clarify. Thanks in advance for any help!

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 7.1.1 [OxygenOS version 4.5.0]
Device: OnePlus A5000
App Version: 3.66.0

Hi Oliver & welcome :wave:

Do you have access to a different device (one to use very temporarily) to access your Monzo account. As in, log out of Monzo on your device, download & install Monzo on the temporary device, log in to Monzo - using the browser to access your email to receive the magic link login email & tap on it, on the temporary device - then checking the feed?

The don’t forget to log out of the temporary device and uninstall the Monzo app.
It could be a friend or family member device, just to try.

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve just tried running my account on an iPhone SE (OS version 14.2) and the feed seems to be working perfectly. It seems like it’s an issue with my phone rather than my account?

At this early stage I’d say it’s the phone and/or OS that is causing it. Not sure what it could be though - my OxygenOS experience is zero.

Is there a cache setting that can be enabled/disabled/adjusted somewhere - this could be there for performance but could in fact halt/delay data updates in apps. It could also be a data saver feature or app that is throttling the update of data. Also, instead of reinstalling the app, can you Force-close it and then re-open it to see if the feed updates?

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Also can I suggest restarting the phone inbetween an uninstall and reinstall.

Also the OnePlus 5 can be upgraded to android 10, so I’d suggest that as android 7 is relatively old.

Hi Oliver…

I use Monzo on my OnePlus5 and have no problems whatsoever. The only difference I see is that I am running OxygenOS 10.0.1 based on Android 10… Is there a reason why your OxygenOS version is so old?


Thanks for everyone’s feedback - I will try updating to android 10 and report back!


Just to echo what others have said, I use a OP5 with no problems - updated to latest available Android version. Hope that sorts it for you.

Just a quick update - I haven’t been able to update to android 10 (the installation keeps failing when I’ve tried to “local upgrade” and the system update centre says I’m up to date) however, I’ve managed to update to android 8.1.0 (OxygenOS 5.1.2) and monzo seems to be working okay for now.

I’ll keep plugging away trying to get android up to date but for now all seems fine! Thanks all for your help. Oli


Thanks for the feedback :+1: