App not refreshing

Since coming back to the UK from abroad my monzo app hasn’t refreshed for a week. The balance looks to be correct but I can’t see the transactions.

I have already tried loggin out and reinstalling the app. Neither of these worked.

Hi there! Welcome to the community.

Could you also try restarting your device please. Delete the app, restart your phone, reinstall the app.

Hopefully that gets it updating for you. If not I’ll leave it up to someone with a lot more android experience to hopefully help you troubleshoot further.

It might be helpful to let us know the device you’re using, the version of android you have installed and your app version too.


Thanks for this but I’ve unfortunately already tired this and it didn’t work.

Phone:OnePlus 8t
Os: Oxygen 13/android 13 (KB2003_11_F.63)
App version: 5.25.0

Hi @Biassedboot - did you definitely restart your OnePlus phone after uninstalling the :monzo: app?

This is a key step.

Also, is your device language and time set to ‘English’ & ‘GMT +01:00 British Summer Time’?

Yes I uninstalled the app and then restarted the phone.

And yes my time zone is set to GMT +1:00