On Registration Address only displays odd numbers in my street only

Issue: Registration postcode look only displays odd numbers on my street only

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android and IOS
Device: Android 10 and iOS 13.5.1
App Version: 3.41.1


I have a personal account and a business account, registration for these accounts worked fine.

I am trying to make another personal account and for some reason on registration the address lookup does not go past number 67 of my street, it also only shows odd numbers

When looking up the street in the Address Now API which is assumed Monzo is using (As they state it is Royal mail, and this is the Royal Mail API for postcode lookup):


It returns the full list of the entire street.

Here is a map of the street in question:


Is this a bug reporting system like bugzilla? or is there another location to report bugs.


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That’s a bizarre issue but you’re only allowed one personal account.


The account is not for me

If I try to change my address now in the app, I see the same incomplete list as the registration process

This is where you report bugs, but it is rare that you will get a response or update.

If this is stopping you from signing up, your best bet is to contact Monzo via phone or email as I’m sure they’ll be able to override it.


Clicking on the api link shows only odd numbers for me , maybe the other side of the street is a different postcode?

Possibly related to it only showing upto number 67 ;

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Ah yes you are correct, i didnt know that. The opposite houses are E178BW

Even so the list from Monzo only displays up to 67, when the list from “Address now” goes up to number 115