New card activation

I am yet to receive my new card, but I am travelling in 4 days. If my new card does not come in time am I able to carry on using my old card for the next 3 months until I return please?

The short answer is that your existing/old card will continue working until you activate your new card, so yes, if the new card hasn’t arrived you can still use your old one.

The slightly longer answer is that at some point in the new year, the prepaid cards will be shut down. I would think that you’re ok 3 months from now (as I believe Monzo will give 2 months notice of the shutdown), but it’s certainly possible that the prepaid card is shut down before the end of March. Only Monzo can answer, but I’m not sure they will commit to this sort of thing publicly.

I would also think that there’s a high chance your new card will arrive in the next couple of days. It usually only takes 1-2 days to arrive. When did you order it?

Thanks, its been at least 2 weeks & nothing yet…

Contact support through the in app chat would be my recommendation


Yes, definitely contact support, no way it should take that long. I’m sure they can get you sorted. :+1:

Hi mrsrrp2009, Mickey here from Monzo :wave:t2:

Your card should have most certainly been with you by now and I’m very sorry it’s not :pensive:

We’re seeing slight delays in delivery times at the moment due to the high volumes of Christmas mail being sent, but not this long. It’s possible that it has been lost in the post.

Please could you drop us a line in the in app chat under Help, or at and we will get this sorted for you asap! :smiley:

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