Using existing card while waiting for new card [Prepaid Beta]


I seee that you are obliging people to have the current account if they wish to continue using the card, whilst I am waiting for a new card to be sent can I still continue to use my existing card?

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thankyou but that wasnt an answer to my question, I understood and read all those FAQs my question is “whilst I am waiting can I continue to use my existing card”? Otherwise I will be without money for several days


No one is going to stop you use it :slight_smile:


Realistically though, even though I don’t actually know the answer, I can pretty much guarentee that you won’t be in a situation where you can’t access your money.

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I don’t see the above question being answered on the linked simplified FAQ.

This is about the transition from the pre-paid to the current account, while waiting for the current account to be sent out. To answer that, it’s covered on the blog post

Once you agree to new terms and conditions, you’ll be able to order a debit card which, once activated, will seamlessly move your data and balance from your prepaid card to your current account.


ok thanks, I think it is probably best if I ask Monzo…if thy discontinue the prepaid cards, and they do this whilst I am waiting for a new card then there is a very real chance that I wouldn`t be able to access funds


Thankyou Shaun that has answered my question

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I’ve added the question to the FAQ.

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