Old expired card used

Hi good evening , just got a message that my old expired card was just used in a shop and declined , not a large amount only £16 , don’t know how anyone got details for it , was going to block my account but the app don’t apply to expired cards , I didn’t want to block my current card or account as I use it constantly for work ,
Or is it better to block it anyway just in case ,


Best thing to do is use the app.

If you tap the declined transaction in the app, is there a ‘Something wrong? Get help’ option available for you? If so, that should be the quickest way of contacting Monzo support.

Alternatively, from the help menu search for ‘contact support’ and follow the links to contact Monzo support.


It’s your old card and you can’t block that anyway …

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Thanks all for responding,
I think it should be ok , been checking and the card was expired in January, all ok until now , but obviously won’t work anyway , first time its ever come up as declined out of date , so should be safe !!


I had a hotel reservation use old card. They did it like 5 times. All of them rejected.

It seems to be the case that replaced cards are all effectively frozen and are declining all the transactions.