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I recently had a transaction that went through which meant I ended up with a negative balance. The funds were blocked ready for the retailer to charge me, and appeared to have left my monzo account as normal.

This should normally be done in 5 days. If it isn’t the money is automatically refunded. Now I got the refund notification from said retailer in monzo, which I thought was a bit strange as wasn’t expecting it all. I thought nothing of it at the time. The retailer then went on to complete the transaction offline later, which my monzo app didn’t notify me of.

This led to a strange situation whereby my monzo balance showed that I had more money than I thought I did. I did try to buy several things in the day or so for the app to ‘catch up’ with the offline transaction that was made. Can be embarrassing when you are purchasing things that you thought you had the funds for!

Not sure if this is an issue that has happened to anyone before?

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Similar topics have been discussed in the past, and Monzo :mondo: are aware of these :slight_smile:

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