A message from Natwest

(jevans) #1

Just saw the following message on my Natwest online banking, thought I’d leave it here!

Did you know…
Most Contactless payments can take up to 4 working days to affect your available balance and statement, with some taking longer. Please make sure you have available funds to avoid going overdrawn. Find out more about contactless payments

Keep up the amazing work :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #2

Yay offline transactions. :rolling_eyes:

(Adam) #3

On Thursday I used my Mondo card in GBK (via contactless) and it still has not shown on my account


How about, as a suggestion… Allowing the ability to leave a note against your balance if you know you’ve made a transaction and it hasn’t yet gone through? This could show the reduced balanced as a result of the note. Then when the transaction for the same amount eventually comes through - prompt the individual to remove the additional note (or perhaps remove automatically).

Perhaps I need to think about this a little more.

(Luke Guthrie) #5

What a brilliant idea for an feature to combat offline transaction! :muscle: It doesn’t seem like anyone else has really seen this idea, I recommend you post it as a new thread and see what people think of it! Also those notes you leave against your balance, could have a timescale on them (4 days) before they promt you to check the transaction! But on the other automatically removing these notes would be awesome! You’d have to think of a way that would be precise enough to recognise this though… I mean dupiclicate payments in the same store would be tricky to determine between :sweat_smile:

(Daniel Chatfield) #6

Our cards are currently configured to always go online and thus offline transactions don’t happen.

There are some other types of transaction that can be confusing:

  • TfL payments are delayed (so that they can do capping)
  • Some charges change between authorisation and settlement (foreign currency ones and a few others)

(James Billingham) #7

They do still happen. There are still many cases (and will always continue to be many cases) where the card machine is incapable of going online, like on a train, plane, where a terminal’s phone/network connection is down, etc.

(Daniel Chatfield) #8

Hi James,

This will not happen with our cards (as currently configured), if the transaction cannot go online then it will fail. I’ve been pretty surprised at how many terminals are online - successful purchases have been made on both trains and planes. The only offline terminal I have found is a parking meter (and this is when actively trying to seek them out).

The configuration of the chips is something that we will revisit in the future. Currently we believe that forcing all transactions online provides the best experience and is inline with other new payment methods (both Apple Pay and Android Pay require the payment to be done online).


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

Hi Daniel - I have had quite a few transactions in the past 4 months that have not had immediate notifications because either I or the POS terminal wasn’t “online” but the transaction went through and I walked away with my purchase - I have bought drinks on a plane and the transaction “went through” two days later …hmmmmm maybe we are talking different things with transactions that cannot go online failing ?

(james_e_bell) #10

Maybe its the new cards that dont work offline? My old beta card has been used offline a fair bit

(Daniel Chatfield) #11

Yes, the Alpha cards were configured slightly differently.

Obviously, if the phone isn’t online then we can’t get a notification to you until it comes back online.

(James Billingham) #12

Ah, that would explain it - my alpha card did work offline in several cases.

It’s actually a little concerning that I simply cannot use my card offline - there are cases where this will be a problem. I would prefer it if the card did still work offline, personally.

(Jamie) #13

Charges on the Mondo Card made on airplanes take a few days to come through ~4 :frowning: unless Aer Lingus do something weird!

(Stuart Cameron) #14

Ryan Air is same day :+1:

(Jamie) #15

Oh well, must have just been me then, mine came through as a “Delayed transaction”

(James Billingham) #16

It taking ~4 days saying “Delayed Transaction” means it was offline - appearing only in the “presentment” file, without a prior authorization. I have also seen this behavior on EasyJet planes.