Real time notifications


How is Monzo able to deliver notifications for my contactless payments in real time when all of my other banks take DAYS to even show up on my statement???

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It’s great, right? :slight_smile:

It’s all explained here -


Is this same process followed regardless of the value of the transaction?

What happens in the case that the POS machine is offline? Would my account still be debited straight away?

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Monzo won’t know that the transaction’s been made so you won’t receive a notification & your balance won’t be updated. Monzo’s the issuer mentioned in the below, from the blog

The first the Issuer sees of this payment is in the “Presentment” file, which may be a day or two later.

That’s why I’ve requested this feature -

so that the user can keep a record that the payment’s due to be taken & hopefully make Monzo aware of that + deduct the pending transaction amount from their balance etc.

Please do post a comment / like the post there if you think that would be useful too - so that Monzo can see you need it.