Delayed transaction placement in stream

I’ve had my offline contactless payments come through today - no problems with that. All of them seem to be online now.

The thing which seems odd to me is that the delayed transactions are appearing at the top of the stream, in the “Today” section.

I’d propose the following behavior for this:

  • delayed transactions are inserted into the stream for the date & time when they happened
  • a single notification is sent when they are inserted, as a summary (e.g. “4 offline transactions totalling £53.12 are now visible on your account”)



That makes total sense. We’re still learning how to deal with offline transactions but the behaviour you’re proposing is exactly what we want to achieve as soon as we can :smile:

Thanks for sharing those great suggestions!

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I also agree on the combined offline payments notification:

  • Grouping Offline Payments together in a single notification (and not notifying me each time, usually around 3am).
  • Not showing them under today, but under the date they were collected, maybe labelled as new.
  • Never showing the delayed transaction under ‘todays spent’ either in app or in the notification text. The other day I had a bunch of delayed transactions with a todays spent value that was way off what I had actually spent that day.
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Reporting the delayed transactions against the original transaction date is definitely the way to go. Incidentally, I find it fascinating to spot which retailers are doing offline transactions. The fact that I get a notification instantly of an online transaction makes an offline one very obvious. Those transactions feel very “old school” when you’re used to instant notifications. I wonder if the retailers are aware how we can now spot the intricacies of their payment technology?!

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