Card declined in Morrisons

I’m a new Monzo user, and today my card was declined in a Morrisons supermarket branch which left me in a rather tricky situation.

Is this a common occurrence? I was hoping to rely on the card for the rest of the week for things like Tubes and busses.


Was it a contactless transaction by any chance? If it was then this is a known issue and they are working to fix it.

Yeah it was a contactless transaction. Thats good to know, thanks for the heads up.

Yeah contactless just doesn’t work in Morrison’s. Chip and pin should work fine though.

Contactless doesn’t work, Morrisons terminals are configured incorrectly.

Chip and Pin works fine.

No contactless never works in morrisons

Contactless never works in Morrison. Took three declined transactions to notice this. Chip and pin seems to work fine.

In the self service tills have they fixed the issue where if contactless fails and you want to try contactless with another card it pops up the staff override option and there’s no way to exit it?

It was frustrating because Morrisons are (were?) one of the retailers that had problems with Amex on Apple Pay but worked with other cards.

This issue also affected My Local (used to be M Local until Morrisons sold it) but I think that chain has now all closed!

Hi @Philzo, the following is a pinned topic that should always show up at the top of the forum.

It’s a bit of a monster topic, but the very first message at the top of the chain of responses is updated regularly with known issues like your Morrisons one…