Oddities with a direct debit

I recently completed the full Current Account Switching Service (CASS) switchover and 2 direct debits mandates left my Nationwide account and appeared in my Monzo account (as expected).

One of those yearly direct debits was taken ‘today’ for the first time for £28 but the app shows:

[merchant name shortened, but should be enough for Monzo techs to find in my account]

Your Press..m Ltd history
Number of direct debits: 2
Average spend: 2 payments £28.00
Total spent: 2 payments £56

Only 1 payment has been made (no others in my Monzo history) - so where is the app getting the 2 payments/£56 details from (IIRC, there were around 3-4 yearly payments on the Nationwide account so that ‘history’ hasn’t transferred across).

I did try and report this via the ‘Something wrong? Tell us!’ link at the bottom but got the ‘Sorry there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues link’ : hence the forum post (yeah, could have done it via email/chat, but it’s not that big an issue and others may have this).

Connected via Wifi (connection valid - I did submit an icon/website update for the DD) Android 7.1.1 app 1.27.0

I’ve seen something similar. What I found it that it isn’t actually looking at direct debits but and transactions with that firm.

Say your direct debit is with O2 and you’ve bought stuff in one of their shops, that’ll be included. You should be able to test it by searching for the merchant from the transaction list.

I think that either the language needs to be changed to make it clear that it’s all transactions for a particular vendor - or change the logic so the data matches the text!

Apart from the single direct debit, there haven’t been any transactions with this merchant (they don’t have stores etc).

Tried that. Clicking on ‘Number of direct debits…2’ only shows one transaction, searching the feed for ‘press’ shows only one entry but “£56 spent, £28 on average”. Something’s a little bit odd.

How bizarre. I hoped it was the same problem and could be easily fixed. :pensive:

With the new Direct Debits option on Android (App 2.1.1) I thought I’d loop back on this.

If I go to Payments->Scheduled Payments->Press…m Ltd it NOW shows:

Press…m Ltd
Direct Debit
Cancel Direct Debit
Reference: 582…
Last paid: Friday 11th May

and no other details (other Direct Debits, such as Bulb, do seem to show the list of transactions - and the logo - correctly).

Searching the transactions, I can see the single transaction for £28 on the 11th of May… So at least it isn’t doubling up on the transaction now, but it isn’t showing the single transaction correctly.

There’s no ‘Something wrong’ option on the Direct Debit screens :frowning: I’ve now raised this via in-app support.