[Android/iOS] Incorrect direct debit summary


When viewing a particular merchant’s direct debits it reads that I’ve got 2 payments, an average spend on 2 payments of £28 and total spent on 2 payments of £56… However, there’s only been one payment.

Yesterday the Direct Debit screen did say a payment was to be taken ‘today’ (1 month on from the last payment), but no payment was taken from this annual DD.

Details to reproduce:
Payments:->Scheduled Payments:->Direct debit [merchant]->observe page->click on ‘Number of payments’ to only see one.

Android 7.1.1

Nexus 6

App Version:


@richyb I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce this :disappointed:

How are you getting the screen shown in the first screenshot?

Mine does the same (iOS 11.4)

Think it’s counting what it believes to be this months committed spending from that DD. Shows 2 payments on the Sky DD page, just doubling total. But when you tap them it only shows 1 has been taken

Hi @HughWells : It may be that @Rat_au_van is correct as this is a yearly direct debit and the app/backend may be thinking it is a typical monthly DD (although it has been happening on/off since the 11th of May when the first/only payment was taken (see Oddities with a direct debit ) . It is also only one of two Direct Debits transferred over via CASS.

How to reproduce - Payments:->Scheduled Payments:->Direct debit [merchant]->observe page->click on ‘Number of payments’.

There’s only one DD starting ‘Press’ on my account if it helps. I can’t list/view direct debits on the developer’s portal so I can’t say if it looks like an app or backend issue.

[ It’d be cool if the Apps had a facility where you could ‘long press’ (3 seconds+) on the top 3rd of the screen on any window and it’ll open a ‘Report bug’ window which would send you a screenshot/app info/debug info and the API data used on the screen with a box to enter brief bug details and provide us with a bug id which we could then add to these reports].

Just an update on this as I’ve got upgraded to App Version: 2.2.0

On the ‘scheduled payments’ screen, Pres… is showing ‘Last paid Friday 11th May’ and when I select that direct debit it shows me the name, ‘Cancel direct debit’, and under details I have the Reference number and the ‘Last paid’ date again. No ‘Your Press… history’ and no idea of how much that last payment was for…

I guess it’s a slightly improvement - no longer showing incorrect information, it just doesn’t show the information at all. All my other DDs which have more than 1 payment are showing the full ‘Your [merchant] history’ which looks correct and all the other DDs which have just 1 payment (DVLA - another yearly payment one) are also missing the ‘History’ section.

Yup, this is the fix for this :slight_smile:

Because there is only one payment it doesn’t make sense to show a history of nothing (ie. just that payment) so it has been removed.

Thanks for letting us know, I’ll mark this as solved! :+1:

Hi @HughWells :

Sorry, I disagree it’s been fixed.

If there were NO payments, then it’ll make sense not to show a history (as, indeed, there would be nothing to show).

However, in this case there is ONE payment, so there is a history and, to me, this should be shown - otherwise apart from going back to the feed and manually searching for the direct debit, there is no way of seeing how much the previous Direct Debit amount was (I can see I paid the DVLA on the 1st of March: but how much did I pay them?).

Good point :+1:

I am going to have a look at where the behaviour has changed between apps and see what the best remedy is :slight_smile:

Hi @HughWells ,

Sorry, it looks like it was a temporary fix. Summary for that direct debit is AGAIN showing ‘Number of payments: 2, Average spend: £28, Total spent: £56’ (but there’s only been one payment on the 11th of May). It’s also showing up as a Bill in my ‘Committed Spending’ section of my summary…

Current app version 2.3.1 on Android 7.1.1.

If you need/want any more information from me concerning this direct debit (and it does seem to be only this one which is behaving oddly), please feel free to DM, email, chat.

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I’ve just got card today and set up all my payments manually. For me it shows that payment that is due in the future was already sent 3 times… Obviously it wasn’t, but it just shows incorrectly.Screenshot_20180802-233310__01

So my 1st mortgage payment went out today, only issue is, yep you guessed it. It claims this is the 2nd payment 🤦

Only 1 payment has gone out, just disappointing that the app seems to think this is payment number 2

Another winning Monzo feature discovered - the ability to pay off your mortgage twice as fast as other banks.

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Ha ha if only :sweat_smile:

Reported it in chat and got this, can’t help get the feeling that if I’d not actually pushed back slightly then that would have been that. Although saying that 3 years later it’s still the same issue.

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I set up a new standing order February 2021.
After first payment, summary was showing that 2 payments were made already :open_mouth:

I didn’t bother to report as was hoping it’s only an app glitch. After 3 app updates it still was showing wrong summary :face_with_monocle:

Update to this, they wanted a further screenshot from the app. When I went back in the issue has rectified itself down to showing as 1 payment only.

Not sure if something got fixed in the background or not, but my issue is sorted.