Better Direct Debit Info

(Philip Barton) #1

Just joined Monzo in the last month having made the full switch to the current account but have found a lack of info in the direct debits dashboard.

In the scheduled payments screen I have a couple of standing orders which shows the amount and date of payment but for direct debit it does not show this info. Even if you click on the direct debit there is no additional information or payment history. (see screenshot)

I would like to see the amount and last paid date in the payments dashboard and also a payment history for the last 6-12 months when you click on a direct debit for more info.

Also the direct debits don’t appear to be any any particular order, could they be sorted by date or alphabetically?

(Philip Barton) #2

Here is my revised version…

(#savetheseabass) #3

Looks like they are sorted by date on that screen shot, which is my preferred option

(Philip Barton) #4

Here is my idea on the payment history when you click on a direct debit for more info!

(#savetheseabass) #5

You might want to repost them with your account number and kids names obscured, you’re posting a lot of personal details

Only a suggestion :wink:


I believe this is something on the teams radar :+1:


Similar ideas and a lot more has been discussed here;

(Craig A Rodway) #8

The DD list on Android is also seriously lacking in detail :roll_eyes:

There is a basic list, no amounts, and tapping it just shows a confirmation box to cancel it :frowning:

(Jolin) #9

There is a payment history for direct debits (on iOS), I think it’s just that you haven’t had any taken since switching. When I tap on one of my direct debits, I get full details:

Tapping on “Number of transactions” or “Average spend” gives me a list of past direct debits.

I love your idea for the last payment date and amount in the direct debit list!

(Jonathon) #10

That’s dreamland for us on Android!

(Peter Shillito) #11

Tapping on a feed item will do this, but tapping on the DD in the list doesn’t. It’s a bit inconsistent.

(Jolin) #12

Are you on Android or iOS?

(Peter Shillito) #13

I’m on iOS.

(Philip Barton) #14

iOS here

(Jolin) #15

Very strange, that’s what I get when tapping on the DD in the list on the Payments tab on iOS.