Where can I find the details of an energy switch to Octopus? Discount, exit fees etc…?

The best place to go is their website

You should also see the ‘Monzo energy switch service’ under ‘Things you can do with Monzo’. I believe that works with Octopus

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If you want a referral, you can ask someone who is already with octopus to give you their referral link and you will both receive 50£ credit after your first payment. As far as exit fees, octopus don’t have any but always look at their terms and conditions so that you know what you will and will not get.

Is it ethical for me to share my referral link? :rofl:

Only in the referral topic like the rest of us :wink:


If only I could add a signature with a link to my new blog and write a post of Octopus :joy:


But don’t you get £75 if you do it through Monzo?

Ah, it’s actually £40 with Octopus now and £75 with Ovo

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Watching you @Dan5 :eyes: :laughing:


Octopus is offering boosted cashback of £100 each for referrals in the next 8 days. Not sure if it’s getting offered to all customers or just selected.

Is Monzo also offering boosted?

Yeah, I logged in yesterday and saw that. It’s £100 to the one who signs up and £50 to the referrer.

I switched through Monzo around a year ago, and they’ve been great. Feel free to hit me up if you’d like to give them a go and pocket £100.

Octopus users - login to the :octopus: website and check your account(s) page - I had a ‘Wheel of misfortune’ link against both gas & electricity, so 2 spins. Won £1 on each spin :moneybag: :moneybag: :eyes: and then had a chance to donate the wins to one of 3 charities. First time I’ve ever won - probably an April 01 thing.

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That’s ace and really well done.

Every slot is ‘lose’ when you first spin and then lots of flashing and animation later, I won £1 too :tada: Which I gave to charity. Love Octopus for things like this, everything they do is well thought out and slick.

Only got the one spin though!

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If you have both Gas and Electric, return to your account page then click it again for the servie you didnt click last time

Ahh I just have electric that will be why.

Yeah I won today entering my opening readings :joy:

If there’s ever a £100 switch offer again then the first person to message me their code can have my referral bonus! Been googling codes since I missed the October offer and the best they’ve done is £50. Waiting patiently…

anyone got referral code pls

There should be some in the referral wiki.

Is Octopus energy decent?

I’m looking to switch since British Gas is overcharging me by a lot

No problems at all! 3 years with Octopus.
Last month my kids received a nice toy :octopus:.