O2 Outage

(Kolok) #62

Yeah was thinking that , different department probably so maybe o2 were hoping for something better, edit: seems like they scrapped Ericsson and then went with … Ericsson again (read)

Anyway Vodafone having a laugh

(Kolok) #63

Yeah that didn’t work so they’ll leave the servers in rice overnight to see if that helps :joy:


#iblamebrexit. We need to take back control from spanish owned 02 :wink:

(Is Santa here yet?) #65

Why do people tweet or phone them? It’s not something customer support can fix

(Kolok) #66

Wow, I’m no expert but this sounds downright stupid

An initial root cause analysis indicates that the main issue was an expired certificate in the software versions installed with these customers. A complete and comprehensive root cause analysis is still in progress. Our focus is now on solving the immediate issues.


(Patrick) #67

I start a night shift in an hour and a half and our PDAs and work phones are all on O2. It could be a lovely, quiet night.

(Ray) #68

IMHO the competitors shouldn’t try and score cheap points in situations like this as the backlash will be fierce…

(Ray) #69

People just want to use Twitter (or any social media) to unleash their fury I find. I decided there were a lot of unpleasant people on Twitter turning into SJWs and it’s contagious.

(Ray) #70

“OK Google, when will O2 get data back up and running?”


“Fine, be like that then, I’ll ask Alexa instead…”


Oh I don’t know, it can be fun. When BA were having difficulty raising the London Eye into place, Virgin took out an ad saying ‘BA can’t get it up’!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #72

Not just o2


They both use the Ericsson infrastructure I believe (hence the link to O2).


The status page says it should be fixed by the morning

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #75

Maybe it’s Spain getting their own back for Gibraltar :man_shrugging:

TSB are owned by a Spanish bank and O2 by Telefónica.

(Jack) #76

My mates who are on o2 say it’s started working in the last few mins.

Although according to the news it seems the fix is still in progress.

(Alan Coleman) #77

Quite enjoyed the peace and quiet!

(Gordon Dack) #78

Luckily I have Dual Sim phone and have BT Business mobile for my Main business mobile number, personal number is with Sky, so same issues with Data etc as everyone on O2

(Ben Talbot) #79

I work in a Tesco Mobile store and it was hectic today lel

(Ray) #80

Just got 3G back. Not 4G yet.


I’ve gotten nothing back but thankfully I’m at home now